This is a quick overview of 2014 HD EXPO this year 2014 in Las Vegas.  There was so much to see and so much to do that it seams overwhelming to try and put everything into one blog post.  I will only showcase my favorite products that I found for some of my projects.  You can see some more images on my Facebook Page as well.

Kenneth Cobonpue Chairs

This is me relaxing in Kenneth Cobonpue Chairs.  Very comfortable and definitely a conversation piece for any project.

Kenneth Cobonpue chairs

Kenneth Cobonpue chairs look like art and are very inviting to sit in.  The colors are also very fashionable and fresh.

Kenneth Cobonpue chairs

I absolutely love these chairs from their website called Yoda!  Will try using them in my next projects.

Kenneth Cobonpue chairs

Kenneth Cobonpue also displayed equally sophisticated light fixtures.

Kenneth Cobonpue lights

Bloom Lighting Group resented some incredible light fixtures by David Trubridge which I was familiar with but still was happy to see.

bloom lighting group

Sensitile was an amazing collection of lighting solutions for any surface.  I personally was fascinated by the counter tops which had a shimmer in them.  The shimmering spots could be back lit with changing colors LEDs or they would glow without any light at all through refracted angles of the materials.

sensitile countertops

sensitile countertops

Sensitile had some other interesting lit up or not surface solutions. Some are reactive to simple movements like this panel on a picture below.  There is no electricity connected this this tile but it reacts to your movement the way the pieces were cut.

sensitile surfaces

See more picture of Sensitile on my Facebook Page here or on their website here.

Glass Recycled is another option for counter tops. Check out their website for inspirational photos.

glass recycled

Materials INC presented beautiful collection of surface.  This one was probably my favorite – Wave Panels.

materials inc wave

And here is something a bit different, metal fabric for your restaurant partition walls.

materials inc panels

If you are looking for some nice outdoor pots for your succulents at this time Architectural Supplements is the place to go shopping. They presented a beautiful collection of planting solutions for any occasion.

Architectural Supplements

Visual Citi creates some of the most interesting signs for any types of projects from restaurants to boutique store.

visual citi sign

And lastly I wanted to mention the beautiful parasols by Sawawa. These are the most imaginative sun umbrellas I have ever seen.  They can be used outdoor for any type of a restaurant or near a pool.

sywawa parasols Paddo

sywawa parasols dot

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