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Hotel Lobby Design

It’s a well known fact that all hotels have to invest in their future to keep their guests coming back, and this keeps them from going out of business. Following are some of the simplest ways the hotels can follow to achieve positive results fast:

  • Creating open floor plans
  • Connecting to nature
  • Cleaning up clatter from lobbies
  • Upgrading the bathrooms
  • Adding luxury items
  • Creating exciting ambiance
  • Going Green
  • Becoming accessible

Hotel Open Floor Plan

Let’s take a look at each of these changes a bit closers. Open floor plans keep the rooms from feeling too cramped. One of such techniques is using a glass wall with curtains to separate the bathroom from the bedroom. Also any other partitions can be removed to create a nice flow.

Natural Materials Hotel Design

Installing natural hardwood flooring instead of wall to wall carpet creates a natural warm look and provides some connection to the nature. Also adding soothing natural colors to the interior (selection should be based on human psychological reaction to the colors) will help a lot. For example “green” does not mean “relaxation” in every situation. There are different shades of green and some of them may give tiring, monotonous or even depressing feelings.

Hotel Lobby Design

Relieving the clutter of furniture in the lobby by only having one or two couches not only gives the open space look but it creates clean contemporary lines.

Luxury Hotel Design

Adding in a bit of luxury with new fixtures in the bathroom, rich looking linens, and sophisticated lights makes guest feel like they are being treated as royalty.

Green Hotels Design

Most people are into saving the environment, and seeing energy efficient lights, natural light in the rooms, or learning about a geothermal system (if you installed one) makes the rooms even more appealing to nature concerned clients. Adding sign about not washing linens every day but only as needed another way to save on bills and to show that you care about environment.

Hotel Rooms Design

The easiest way to make hotels more accessible to the wheelchairs is by building two tiered check-in counters, barrier-free hallways and rooms themselves.

Hotels Design

This may seem like a lot to take in but when it all comes together it gives the guests a feeling of being treated at a higher standard which in return will bring them back again and again. Being away from home is tough for some people and being able to ease this experience and replace it with an amazing treatment guaranties to bring more business to the hotels!

All images of the amazing hotels came from

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