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The picture-hungry Instagram crowd is a group that you should never underestimate. By using their appetite for picture sharing, you can make them work for you and your business. Creating a selfie wall for dessert shops, ice-cream parlors or cafes is an easy and often cheap way to offer them something to share, and keep the word going around.

A great selfie wall is simply a question of offering a great background against which your customers can play out their own stories. For this, you should consider a visible corner with good lighting and ample room that allows them to easily take a picture. 

Of course, any great interior makes for an excellent selfie background. If you want to go further, decorative backgrounds such as green walls or balloons attract the eye and open the Instagrammer’s appetite to snap and share. But how do you create an experience worth memorializing and that makes it almost inconceivable for the phones not to come out?

Here are some ideas.

Amuse them

Murals with 3-D vibes usually do the job. Use wallpaper to bring to life what you are selling. An ice-cream wall with dripping yumminess makes for a witty, humorous and dynamic display in which your customers may want to play a part.

Ice-cream wall paper with 3D effect for creating a selfie wall for dessert shops

Strawberry Ice Cream Wall Mural by JumperCat on Society6

Overwhelming them with oversized versions of your sweet treats or fun ingredients is a sure way to make your customers want to take pictures.

Colorful sprinkle mural for dessert stores

Rainbow Sprinkles Sweet Candy Colorful Wall Mural by SweetViolets on Society6

Take them to another place

Any kind of mural that gives your customers the impression that they have stepped into another world is an opportunity for a fun photo. You can go, for instance, for a sweet and charming Parisian landscape.

Parisian cafe wallpaper as a selfie wall in a coffee shop

Coffee Shop Wall Mural by MuralsOnly on Etsy

Or you can send them to a tropical paradise with an ice-cream cone in their hand. Associated with fun times and everything that is good about life, sunny landscapes are the ideal background when creating a selfie wall for dessert shops or ice-cream stores.

Tropical landscape mural as a selfie wall idea for ice-cream shops

Tropical Beach Wall Mural by MuralsOnly on Etsy

Create drama

Beautiful or appetizing murals are both winners, but nothing can compare to dramatic imagery in which your customers can become main actors. Use your theatrical imagination and the talent of the artists out there to offer them a background for the ages.

Wallpaper depicting a truck going through the wall in cafe shop

Classic Red Car out of the Wall mural by MuralOnly on Etsy

Go 3-D

However, you can spice up even a solid-color painted wall with a few 3-D accents that are out of the ordinary. A few rows of ice-cream cones in different colors can give your bland walls instant depth and be a point of attraction for Instagrammers.

Ice-cream set with holder by Fun Craft Goods on Etsy

Don’t forget the value of photo props as a way to steal a smile and give your customers a furnished stage on which they can imagine and play their own little dramas. A huge ice-cream cone or oversized cupcake makes for an excellent scenic design for the hungry customers who want to share with the world their huge appetite. 

And while you’re at it, don’t ignore the value of bright paint that sends a message of happiness and energy. This helps create a perfectly cheerful selfie wall for dessert shops and ice-cream parlors where vibrant tones remind customers of your treats’ delicious flavors.

Large ice-cream prop against yellow selfie wall

Giant Faux Ice-cream by Feltworld Crafts on Etsy

Give them wings

The angelic pose, wings included, is a favorite of selfie lovers. You can create the opportunity for such a shot while giving a purpose to an empty wall.

Wings decal on selfie wall

Angel Wings Graphic Wall Decall by Stickerbrand on Etsy

Or give your customers a friend. You can do it easily with a wall decal and a bit of imagination. An approving cow peeking from behind the corner in an ice-cream shop is a hilarious way to pay homage to the source of your sweet treats. 

Fun peeking-cow decal in black and white for ice-cream store selfie wall

Peeking Cow Wall Decal Sticker by Stickerbrand on Etsy

Send a message

Just emojis won’t do for those who like sending fun messages to their friends. Knowing that word of mouth is the best marketing technique, you should encourage your customers to share pictures with their friends while providing them with the message and flaunting your awesome shop in the background.

Hello Gorgeous neon sign against red background

Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign by NouArchStudio on Etsy

And since words of encouragment are always needed, offering your customers an uplifting ready-made message is an excellent way to spread happiness while spreading the word.

Fun icecream neon sign on pink

Ice-cream Neon Sign by Candy Sign on Etsy

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