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For those who prefer their interior decor to have a personal touch, THINKK, a design studio located in Bangkok, has created a lamp-making station that functions with the ease of a bicycle. The comparison is not accidental, since the station comes with foot pedals and a control wheel, and is used manually.

Manual Lamp System

The Lanna Factory lamp station creates unique lampshades by wrapping yarn around a lampshade mold. The color of the yarn can be customized, and a number of different molds in different sizes are available. However, the unique character of each lamp comes from the fact that, even when the same colors are used, the direction of the yarn and the way the threads overlap are unrepeatable.

Customized Lamps

The concept behind the Lanna Factory is simple. Yarn unwinds from five spindles, passes through a glue case, then is wrapped around a PVC foam mold whose spinning movement is powered by the foot pedals, while the direction of the yarn is guided by the control wheel.

Lampshade Design System

The process is not new. In fact, it is well-known to artisans and DIY-ers alike, who glue threads onto blown up balloons, then pop and remove the balloons when the glue is dry and the shape formed. The Lanna Factory, however, makes the process easier, more efficient – and less messy.

Custom Lampshade System

The lamps have a special vibe, reminiscent of the highly ornamental Thai ball strings. They are an ideal choice for those who revel in unique pieces of decor, prefer a green option when one is available and enjoy the idea of a low-energy manufacturing process.

Customizable Lampshades

In a time of all-present technology, it is refreshing to see how a simple machine with a simple mechanism creates things of beauty with little effort. But the value of this lamp-making system goes beyond the charm of simplicity. When technology is not accessible due to the lack of resources, such simple systems make a difference. In addition, this small “lamp factory” offers the opportunity of close human participation in the process of creating, which is both inspiring and motivating.

Custom Yarn Lampshades

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