Ceiling chains mimicking the shape of the furniture below

If you have never considered the  idea of ceiling chains in interior design, there is a world of beauty out there that is yours to discover. Ceiling chains are an atypical decorative accent, but one with tremendous visual potential. It is not only the cold look of the metal and the way that it reflects light that give a space an instant facelift and a cool vibe. It is also the myriad configurations into which ceiling chains can be arranged and that, despite the raw material, create a surprising sense of fluidity and dynamism.

Photo above: Office design by Stac Architecture Ltd., with space divider by Kriskadecor. Via archiproducts.com

When used as ceiling decor, suspended mid-air or elegantly descending over a room, metal chains have the ability to fill the space and become its main focal point. A few such examples that use Kriskadecor aluminum chains are enough to show how they can be incorporated in commercial spaces to create stunning displays. For instance, using different chain lengths arranged in circular shapes, designers can build configurations that create the illusion of oversized chandeliers. Restaurants or lobbies with high ceilings are excellent candidates for this kind of metal chain art.

Colored aluminum chains as oversized chandeliers in lobby

Aldgate Tower lobby, Lonndon, by Amron Architectural, Basha-Franklin. Ceiling cylinders by Kriskadecor. Photo via archiproducts.com

Multiplied across a larger space, similar circular and undulating structures create a flowing ceiling landscape that may echo the shapes of structures or furniture below. Concentric circles of metal chain add even more depth to it. 

Ceiling landscape with aluminum chains in mall

Westfield Mall, Netherlands, by MVSA Architects. Ceiling structure by Kriskadecor. Photo via archiproducts.com

Contemplated from below, metal chains create a sense of movement, as in this spectacular display that brings to mind dancing firing flames, evermoving ocean waves, and the ruffles of a flowing dress at the same time.

Ruffled metallic ceiling structure

Casa Batlló by Kengo Kuma, with Kriskadecor chain links. Photo via archiproducts.com

Metal chains can dress up the entire area, from ceilings to walls, giving the impression that they grew organically with the building. 

Ceiling chains covering the walls around a staircase

Casa Batlló by Kengo Kuma, with Kriskadecor chain links. Photo via archiproducts.com

You can choose color if you prefer to avoid the raw metallic look but want to take advantage of the artistic potential of ceiling chains. This softens the look and makes the entire display more casual. 

Colorful circular structures made of ceiling chains

Restaurant of the Novotel Dijon hotel, France, with ceiling solution by Kriskadecor. Photo via archiproducts.com

However, metal chains do not need to be relegated to strict decorative uses. In restaurants, where creating intimate spaces without cutting off the view is often the goal, they can be used as dividers that separate or define seating areas. They become transparent floating structures whose ethereal look gives the space an almost feminine vibe.

Office design with yellow aluminum link dividers

Office design by Stac Architecture Ltd., with space divider by Kriskadecor. Photo via archiproducts.com

Even offices can benefit from the use of this material, especially when the space does not allow for lager solid structures. The ceiling chains let the light pass through, which makes them a great choice when natural light is scarce.

Ceiling chains used as colorful divider in office design

Office Design by Sydness Architects, Design Republic & Emma Louise Ingham Design. Space divider by Kriskadecor. Photo via archiproducts.com

Placed against the wall, ceiling chain “curtains” turn into a unique wall treatment, especially when finished off with color.

Chain curtain used as wall treatment in restaurant interior

Kohakinho Restaurant, Switzerland, by Bruno Huber Architects, Chain curtain by Kriskadecor. Photo via archiproducts.com

Used simply as decorative options, cladding metal chain structures can entirely redefine an entrance, a facade or the entire height of a building interior. They create the illusion of a higher building, or can serve as billboards for commercial spaces. In addition, they offer an excellent background and an unconventional medium for colorful artistic displays.

Aluminum link cladding in hotel interior design

Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Madrid, with chain cladding by Kriskadecor. Photo via archiproducts.com

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