Reflective wallpaper for selfie walls in cool bars or restaurants

Wallpaper is a simple yet dramatic way to create a selfie wall that can help your restaurant, bar or dessert shop go viral. The ideas are endless: new or unconventional patterns, large graphics, scripts, inspiring messages and oversized logos can all make for a memorable snapshot. When considering wallpaper for selfie walls, a unique character is your ticket to success.

DreamScape, a New Jersey-based company, offers yet another idea suitable for selfie walls. Their wallpaper materials come with exotic textures, including metallic and sparkling surfaces that can be incorporated into customized graphics. Whether used on a large or small scale, they have the ability to elevate the look of your graphics or single-handedly fill in a space with eye-catching patterns that may turn irresistible to the camera-happy crowd.

Here is an example of a DreamScape wallpaper designed for wall graphic projects. With a colorful texture featuring a speckled pattern, the Limelight wallpaper reflects ambient lighting and creates a mesmerizing motion effect based on the angle of the light. 

Sparkling texture for creating interesting wallpapers

Limelight Wallpaper from DreamScape

Integrated into larger graphics, either in the background or as a colorful accent piece, the Limelight wallpaper contributes to creating impactful visuals, ideal for selfie walls.

Cool wallpaper for selfie walls with large graphics and sparkling background

Limelight Wallpaper from DreamScape

Interesting fractal lens effects can be created by incorporating the Deja Vu wallpaper into graphics that need the refreshing vibrancy of a 3D element. This particular pattern seem to open the door into another layer, creating an unexpected depth appreciated by those who are looking for a unique and realistic background. 

Texture with fractal lens effect for wallpaper

Texture with fractal lens effect incorporated into wallpaper artwork

Deja Vu Wallpaper from DreamScape

A vibrant backdrop that makes for perfect selfie opportunities is the Rave wallpaper. Its shimmery texture reflects light into thousands of twinkling sparkles that shift and change as the angle is altered. This is an excellent choice when trying to create visual effects with hypnotic vibes, or for bars, cafes and restaurants that are looking for a rich yet casual look.

Colorful and shimmery texture for wallpapers

Wallpaper with shimmery texture and hypnotic design for selfie walls

Rave Wallpaper from DreamScape

With a texture that mimics the fine cabretta leather, the Cabretta wallpaper is a great option for commercial interiors that want to achieve a luxurious look, but a light atmosphere. When used with patterns and prints, this wallpaper can bring to mind pieces of authentic leather, and attract the attention of those who appreciate the intricacies of detail.Leather texture that can be incorporated in wallpapers for selfie walls

Patterned wallpaper with leather texture

Cabretta Wallpaper from DreamScape

There is nothing quite like metallic textures when trying to design a space that speaks of opulence and glamour. The Silver Flash wallpaper has a smooth, shiny surface that adds a touch of extravagance and vibrancy to large graphics.

Smooth and shiny silver texture for wallpapers

Little "drops" of silver texture is wallpaper artwork

Silver Flash Wallpaper from DreamScape

Its golden counterpart, the Gold Flash wallpaper has an stunning texture that can transform simple graphics into lavish versions bathed in rich metallic reflections. When it comes to wallpaper for selfie walls, the combination offers the perfect recipe: The bold artwork is begging to be immortalized in shareable pictures, while the gold tones give it the opulent vibe that Instagram lovers enjoy capturing in their photos.  

Smooth gold texture, perfect for wallpapers for selfie walls

Beautiful wallpaper artwork with horse in gold tones

Gold Flash Wallpaper from DreamScape

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