Painted aluminum chains as decorative accents for restaurant walls

Using unexpected materials in interior design delivers part of the drama and character that every space needs. Hanging chains and woven wire mesh in interior design are only a few materials that have crossed from industrial fields into interior decorating. Here are a few examples of spaces where such elements not only make an aesthetic statement, but sometimes improve on the functionality of a space.

The Winderkammer-Drinking & Dining restaurant is the centerpiece of the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Vienna. Decorative curtains made of hanging aluminum chains, and designed and manufactured by KriskaDECOR, create focal points in several areas of the restaurant. The same curtains are present in the hotel lobby.

Decorative curtains made of hanging aluminum chainsPhoto: David Bohmann via

Through a special anodizing process (for which aluminum is the perfect contender), the color becomes part of the metal chain, which makes the color weather-resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The visual effect is spectacular, giving off a sense of depth and fluidity. The KriskaDECOR curtains are lightweight and easy to clean, and customizing is possible and encouraged.

Wall art painted on aluminum chainsPhoto: David Bohmann via

Banker Wire is the world’s leading manufacturer of woven wire mesh for industrial and architectural applications. While its collection of patterns is immense, the company is open to creating even more unique alternatives, according to the specific demand of its customers.

Using wire mesh in interior design for creating unique signagePhoto: Banker Wire

Designed by James Biber (Biber Architects) and Michael Bierut (Pentagram Design), the wire mesh sign at the Harley Davidson Museum gift shop in Milwaukee consists of several layers of lock-crimp mesh that create a three-dimensional sign. The visual effect changes from different distances and angles. When using lock-crimp wire mesh in interior design, results are highly predictable due to its excellent dimensional stability.

Multi-layered use of wire mesh in interior design Photo: Banker Wire

Cascade Coil created the GuardianCoil wire fabric starting from a very clear perceived functional need – to offer protection from flying glass, a lethal effect of incidents such as bomb blasts. The range of possible applications goes from simple space dividers with artistic qualities to the construction of wheels for space exploration rovers.

Wire fabric used as curtains in restaurant designPhoto:

In interior design, it is an excellent choice as a window treatment, due to its sunlight and heat-absorbing qualities. GuardianCoil’s versatility allows for unexpected decorative and functional uses, for which the company molds the product into custom-made configurations made of various weaves and completed with endless finish options.

Elegant draperies made of wire fabric for restaurant windowPhoto:

Designers and manufacturers: KriskaDECOR, Banker Wire, Cascade Coil
Photo of chain curtains: David Bohmann via

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