Wall graphics with characters and bold colors

One of the services we offer our clients is a Graphic Design Package consistent with each business brand we create. This package is a well-crafted collection of branding and marketing items that translates our clients’ business vision into visual elements. Whether it is logos, business cards, graphics to be included in the interior designs, custom wallpaper or menu boards, we do everything that has to do with graphics design for branding purposes. 

Today, we share the process that we go through with each client when creating these graphics. Knowing what to expect makes the process easier and more enjoyable. As a bonus, at the end of this article, we reveal who is the creative mind behind our amazing designs.

Logo Design

We always start the logo design process by asking our clients to fill out a comprehensive form and by discussing their business goals. We include questions about color preferences, if any, and about styles and fonts that they might prefer. We also offer recommendations based on their overall brand. Only after these detailed discussions, we produce a few logo options, which we ask the clients to review in detail.

Example of original logo variations for yougurt shop

Example of logo options by Mindful Design Consulting

Logo evolution for frozen yogurt store

Logo options for a frozen yogurt store. Design by Mindful Design Consulting

Based on their feedback, we go through a few revisions before we finalize the logo. Once this is done, we prepare the final files for our clients, including RGB and Pantone colors for future reference. 

Logo design with Pantone colors for yogurt shop

Logo design by Mindful Design Consulting 

Logo file with Pantone colors for dessert store

Logo design by Mindful Design Consulting

Sometimes the logo needs to go through a few variations in order to be displayed as outdoor signage, so we provide these slightly altered alternatives. We also provide logo mock-ups, so that the client can see how the logo looks on different mediums and objects.

Graphics on mock-up mug for brand building

Logo design by Mindful Design Consulting

Logo on mock-up t-shirts for brand awareness

Logo design by Mindful Design Consulting

Business Card Design

After the logo is finalized, we use it in creating business and loyalty cards for our clients. By now, we have a very good idea about their business, preferences and message they want to convey, so we select the best style for their particular brand. Each detail is considered, including options such as rounded corners, unique shape, double-side design etc.

Business card design for dessert shop

Business card design by Mindful Design Consulting

Wall Graphics Design

In some instances, an interior requires a custom wallpaper that fits a particular business or a series of wall graphics. These could be part of a selfie wall designed to encourage customers to share photos, or some informational text that includes graphics, a mascot or characters that capture the spirit of the business etc. Sometimes these graphics are seasonal, sometimes they are permanent.

Colorful wall graphics design for froyo store

Wall graphics design by Mindful Design Consulting

Wall graphics with happy characters for frozen yogurt shop

Wall graphics design by Mindful Design Consulting

The wall graphics are also included in the 3D models for the interior designs we create for our customers. We work simultaneously on graphics  and interior design, which ensures that the graphics we create are perfectly adaptable to being used as part of the interior. 

Graphics applied to the wall of a colorful yogurt shop

Example of image applied onto the wall of a dessert shop. Design by Mindful Design Consulting

Restaurant logo that serves as wall signage

Custom wall image for restaurant.  Design by Mindful Design Consulting

Colorful graphics design for bubble tea shop

Wall graphics for bubble tea store. By Mindful Design Consulting

Oversized wall graphics on boba tea store wall

Wall graphics incorporated into bubble tea store interior design. By Mindful Design Consulting

Menu Board Design

As part of the interior design, menu boards are very important in defining the brand and the overall look of a store. This is the one interior element that customers are going to carefully look at, so its design is better left to professionals. We use and manipulate colors, fonts and graphics to create appetizing menu boards in a style that is consistent with our customers’ brand.

Menu board design with graphics

Menu board design by Mindful Design Consulting

All About Our Graphic Designer – Kristina

So, who is behind these beautiful and fun designs at Mindful Design Consulting? As one of our most talented graphics designers, Kristina has been working with us for many years from her home office in Serbia. She does a wonderful job catching the essence of each client’s vision and wishes, and skillfully represents each brand in their logo, characters and other graphics.

Kristina was born in Belgrade and continues to live there. She has a Digital Art degree and is passionate about everything photography and web design. She has been very prolific in her work for Mindful Design Consulting and created logos and branding packages for businesses such as Crabby Platters & Bowls, Sprinkles on Top Froyo and Treats, Sweet Life Candy & Games, and Frosted LUV Frozen Yogurt, Ice-cream and More… just within the last year.

Here are some logos that Kristina has designed for our customers. 

Logo design for restaurant including color file

Final logo for froyo shop with Pantone colors

Colorful logo file presented to client in final form

Final logo design file specifying colors

Logo designs by Kristina from Mindful Design Consulting

Overall, Kristina has created over 50 new brands – and counting – as part of the Mindful Design Consulting team. So, next time you get your colorful new logo and contemplate your new graphics courtesy of Mindful Design Consulting, you will probably enjoy another piece of Kristina’s beautiful work. 

If you like our work, stick around to learn more about our amazing team in our next blog posts. We are a cosmopolite group, with members all over the world – just like Kristina. 

If you are thinking to open a new business or are in the process of rebranding and remodeling your existing business, contact us to get a free consultation from Mindful Design Consulting. Click HERE to price your project design.

Also, take a look at “Branding By Interior” e-book, the only book written on this subject at this time. It brings insight on how you can turn your business into a market-dominating competitor by using human cognitive responses.

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