Example of business cards as part of our graphics packages for small businesses

Building your brand and marketing your business heavily rely on visual elements. You are in large part what your customers see, which means you must be careful about what image you present to the world. Visual elements such as logos, interior colors, loyalty and business cards, packaging products, signage, front store graphics and decals are only a few of the ones you need for creating your brand. For many years, we helped small business by designing graphics packages that represent their brand identity, values and products or services. 

Tailoring these packages to create just the right image is a complex process that involves multiple steps. So, how do we go about it? Below, we unravel it all.

Colorful wall graphics for a frozen yogurt store

Graphics design for Penny Lane frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting

Client Discovery

First, we meet with the clients to learn about their business, goals, target audience and brand personality. We understand that their business is more than just products and services – it’s a unique story waiting to be told. By grasping the intricacies of the brand’s history, values and aspirations, we lay the foundation for visuals that capture the very soul of their enterprise.

We are always aware that we are not just designing for anyone: We are designing for a specific audience. Who are they? What drives them? What appeals to them? These questions lead us to unravel the intricate web of the target audience’s preferences and expectations.

We discuss with the client the specific graphics needed, such as a logo, business cards, social media assets and website graphics. We take our time to understand how the client wants to be seen and the vibes that the store needs to have. 

Example of illustrations that are included in the graphics packages for small businesses

Graphics design for Penny Lane frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting

Research and Inspiration

After we get to understand the clients’ goals, we extend our field of research to the entire industry, competitors and current design trends. This helps us identify what may be missing from the market or from the specific location, what is that unique element that our clients may offer, and what the demographics in the area might require. This is also a time to gain inspiration by looking at what the trends are that could benefit the look and the success of the business.

Based on this research, we then create a mood board with color palettes, typography and imagery that align with the clients’ brand. We used our knowledge in the psychology of color to ensure that our choices create the desired emotional response. It is important to remember that this step is not just about aesthetics, but about distilling the entire character of the business into visual elements that will be used in the next design stages of the graphics packages and store or restaurant interior. 

Illustration designed in brand colors for a dessert store

Graphics design for Penny Lane frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting

Concept Development

The creative process starts with brainstorming ideas for the graphics package based on the clients’ preferences and the research conducted. We create several design concepts for each graphic, considering different styles and approaches. These are not the final products, but rather ideas in raw form of where we want to go with our design, what we want to suggest, and how. 

Graphics design for Penny Lane frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting

Initial Designs

This is the stage where we create rough drafts of the graphics using design software or tools. It is now that we develop the initial versions of the logo, business cards and other requested assets. We use the mood board we created to preserve the particular vibe we want to capture. However, we allow ourselves to explore different creative paths and generate diverse imagery that expresses various facets of the business’s character.

Graphics created for a dessert shop

Graphics design for Penny Lane frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting

Client Feedback

We now present the initial designs to the clients for feedback and review. We discuss the strengths of each design concept, the idea behind it, and how it can contribute to building the business brand identity. We gather the clients’ imput for improvements, we talk about how to incorporate their new ideas, and we make sure that we are on the same page.

Business cards for frozen yogurt store

Final business card design for Penny Lane frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting

Revision and Refinement

Based on the clients’ feedback, we then make the necessary revisions to the designs. We refine the chosen design, focusing on details such as color accuracy, alignment and visual hierarchy. This is one of the most exciting phases of the process, when research, collaboration and creativity all come together into a final visual product that will become an integral part of the brand identity.

Slogan design as part of our graphics packages for small businesses

Slogan design for Sweet Life Depot by Mindful Design Consulting


Once the client approves the refined designs, we finalize them for production. We ensure that all graphics are consistent in terms of colors, typography and overall branding. This is important in preserving a cohesive image in all contexts, from print to social media, and from interior design to brand collateral such as menus and posters.

Frozen yogurt shop loyalty card design final product

Loyalty card design for Besties Cool Treats frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting

Logo and Branding Guidelines

Our job does not end with creating the graphics used in branding design. For a successful implementation, we have to make sure that everything that we created will be used correctly. This is why we create a brand guidelines document outlining the proper use of the logo, colors, fonts and spacing. This ensures that the graphics will remain consistent throughout any future marketing strategy, even after we complete the project.

This is a detailed and comprehensive guide in which we gather all the information pertaining to the visuals we created, such as primary and secondary RGB colors with their Pantone counterparts, fonts for the logo, slogan or web, and illustrations and patterns, along with how they are used in brand collateral such as menus, t-shirts, posters or in interior design. The documents includes guidelines for different contexts, such as print and digital media, for example how to use and not use the logo and its variations, or how to include the secondary color palette into any future designs. We consider this document essential and we include it in all our graphics packages.

Colorful logo for a frozen yogurt shop

Logo design for Besties Cool Treats frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting

Production and Delivery

We finally prepare the graphics for production, whether for printing business cards or digital use on social media platforms and websites. We provide the client with the finalized graphics in the appropriate file formats. This phase brings the creative process of designing graphics packages to a conclusion and turns what was merely a concept into reality.

Wallpaper design with customized illustrations for a frozen yogurt store

Customized wallpaper design for Besties Cool Treats frozen yogurt store by Mindful Design Consulting


Business branding requires considering all the elements that customers can see, from the interior design of a store to the menu of a restaurant or the brand’s online presence. Brand collaterals such as posters, window decals or t-shirts are all part of the same strategy through which the brand identity is created. This is a complex process, during which it is easy to become overwhelmed. That is why we assist the client in implementing the graphics across various platforms and media. During this process, we ensure that the graphics look consistent and cohesive in all contexts.

T-shirt brand collateral included in the graphics pacakges for small businesses

Brand collateral – T-shirt design with customized patterns for Sweet Life Depot, by Mindful Design Consulting

Feedback and Iteration

Once our design have become part of the brand identity and the reality of the new business, we continue to gather feedback from the clients and evaluate how well the graphics packages are performing. If needed, we make further adjustments based on real-world usage and feedback.

Window illustration example with application in real life

Window illustrations for Sweet Life Depot, by Mindful Design Consulting

Long-Term Support

At the end of the project, we offer ongoing support to our clients for any future graphic design needs or updates. We strive to maintain a positive relationship and address any design-related issues promptly, even after the completion of the project.

Throughout all this 12-stage process of creating graphics packages for small businesses, effective communication with clients is crucial. Regularly updating them on progress, involving them in decisions, and addressing their concerns will contribute to a successful graphics package that aligns with their brand identity and meets their business goals.

Poster with slogan and logo for boba tea kiosk

Poster with logo and slogan for Sweet Life Depot by Mindful Design Consulting

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