Hotel Design Facade

This inspiring hotel named East is located in the center of Hamburg’s entertainment district – South West of central Hamburg. East is all about style, relaxation and fun. Even though the existing building is an old industrial factory, right at the entrance canopy you know that there is more inside than what you see on the outside.

Cafe Design in Hotel

This hotel was designed by Chicago-based Jordan Mozer who expressed his extravagant signature.  Bright tones of colors and futuristic curves are inspiring!

Hotel Lounge Room Design

Restaurant Design in Hotel

East has 127 rooms, lofts and suites, ranging from rooms and suites between 20sqm and 90sqm and apartments and Terrace suites up to 150sqm. Each room is furnished with furniture also designed by Mozer.

Hotel Room Design

“Yakshi’s Bar & Lounge” has become a centrepoint for the cream of Hamburg’s cosmopolitan crowd, attracted by its cool sounds and Asian-influenced cuisine. The old factory’s walls provide an excellent backdrop for all the white curves of the new architecture.

Cool Restaurant Design

Cool Restaurant Design

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