Review By Ekaterina KohlwesMindful Design Consulting

It is really exciting to see more architectural projects creating interactive spaces. These projects react to surrounding sounds, touch and temperature changes around them.  I truthfully think that interaction will become one of the widely used aspects for future architecture.  Right now these types of projects reach us as temporary installations.  But some contemporary architects as Jean Nouvel use it in their projects on ongoing bases and with a big success. See J. Nouvel’s hotel design in Madrid using an interactive glass HERE.

Philade'phia's Light Drifts

Philadelphia’s installation called “Light Drift creates an atmosphere, a field of lights that transform in color and intensity based on the public interaction with it.”

You may also remember a famous light installation at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Athens Olympics Light Installation

The project inserted a luminous interactive sound and landscape within the plaza to create a constantly choreographed field in flux. Semi-flexible fiber-optic strands responded to the movement of pedestrians through the field, emitting white light and white noise. Activated by the passersby, the fiber optics transmit light from white LEDs while the speakers below the raised deck emit white noise.”

Even on my last business trip to China I got a glimpse of an interesting interaction installations at the Shanghai World EXPO 2010.

Shanghai EXPO 2010 Walking People Light Installation

Do you know of any other interactive architecture samples?  Please share them with me.