Commercial Interior for Small Stores

After helping over 300 businesses to brand and design their interiors during a 15-year very productive stretch, we published an interior design book that tells some of these stories. We filled the pages of our Small Store Design Extravaganza with images of the completed projects, including branding materials, and with snapshots of how we got there.

Commercial Interior Design Book

This is a wonderful opportunity for businesses who work with us to understand our process. It is also an easy way for those who are simply interested in interior or brand design to get a grasp on how it all works by flipping through the book’s 200+ picture-rich pages.

It’s not the first time that we detail our process or talk about the reasoning behind our “branding by interior” approach. Since brand design is a complex endeavor and we help our customers through all its stages, a clear understanding on what it entails is essential before any work collaboration. This time, our book offers a visual introduction to our process.

Interior Elevations for Besties Cool Treats dessert store from Mindful Design Consulting interior design book

While you can find here pictures of our final interior designs, this is not all. We reveal our working drawings, from floor plan layouts and interior elevations in color (accompanied by notes) to material and furniture boards and 3-D models of the stores. You will be able to see the changes and adjustments made during the design and construction stages and follow the evolution of the design.

The evolution of the logos is also captured in the book — and this is great fun. The idea we try to capture goes through several graphic embodiments before it takes its final shape and is incorporated into the elements of interior design, as well as into marketing collateral.

FroYo Craze logo versions from Mindful Design Consulting interior design book

Not lastly, you will read about our thinking behind some of the choices we made, and how we came up with a cohesive and efficient design. This is an important point because, behind all our design, there lies an essential idea: The interior of a dining venue or retail store must connect with visitors on a subconscious level and make an impression. Creating a unique, recognizable look to help in the formation of brand-related memories is a must when trying to convince customers to come back.

PennyLane Yogurt Shop Design

3D image of Penny Lane frozen yogurt store from Mindful Design Consulting interior design book

Most projects were on a tight schedule, so we had to compensate for the lack of resources by using colors, fun graphics and affordable materials to make it work. Sometimes, a minimalist approach worked best. We always gave our designs something that was uniquely theirs and made sure that customers had something to explore.

The result is a book as colorful and exciting as our designs. While our book is written with our future customers in mind, it could be a great auxiliary resource for design students, as well as professional designers, to explore what other designers do — and get inspired.

Interior design can affect our mood

Final interior design for Beauty Bakerie from Mindful Design Consulting interior design book

If you are thinking to open a new business or are in the process of rebranding and remodeling your existing business, contact us to get a free consultation from Mindful Design Consulting. Click HERE to price your project design.

Also, take a look at “Branding By Interior” e-book, the only book written on this subject at this time. It brings insight on how you can turn your business into a market-dominating competitor by using human cognitive responses.

See our Small Store Design Extravaganza: Commercial Interior Design and Branding 01 book about branding small businesses from logo design to construction, with colorful images, offering insightful explanations every step of the way.

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