Interior design materials for office designs - wall panels made of wood sheets.

We are all for innovative materials that allow for creative use and unique looks – and we found some exciting options that can give your next project an edge. Used to give your walls, ceilings, and even furniture a textured look, these interior design materials from Materials Inc. add depth to your space, bring in a trendy contemporary touch, and may even become the focal point of your design.

Photo above: Tambora Nanda Wood Sheets from Materials Inc. 

Wood Sheets

Wood sheets are a versatile and timeless material that come with both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits, making them a standout choice in modern interior design.With their natural grain and warm tones, they can achieve goals as diverse as creating sleek Scandinavian-style furniture pieces and turning a bar, restaurant or office into a luxurious display of rich walnut. 

Availabale in birch, oak, walnut, teak and bamboo, the Tambora wood sheets from Materials Inc. are an appealing choice for those who are looking for a creative, sustainable and durable solution for wall paneling and furniture. With an attractive embossed look, the wood sheets come with generous design options from layered to uneven ridges. 

Wood sheet as one of the most popular interior design materials today.

Tambora Denali Wood Sheet from Materials Inc. 

Rich-colored wall panels made of wood sheets as a backdrop for a cafe counter.

Tambora Denali Wood Sheets from Materials Inc. 

Slat Wood Plank System

We have talked before about the popularity of slat walls in today’s interior design, based on their clean but attention-demanding look. Materials Inc’s Slat Wood Plank System is available in European oak and American walnut, with colors ranging from neutral to warm and cool-toned. The impeccable geometry of slat wood walls, along with their ability to offer an elegant solution to large walls in need of visual interest, makes them popular in spaces that tend toward minimalism yet strive to avoid a monotonous look.

Interior design materials - slat wood plank system.

Cilo Natural Oak Wood Slat Plank System from Materials Inc. 

Slat wall in natural oak in a contemporary interior.

Cilo Natural Oak Wood Slat Plank System from Materials Inc. 

Concrete Sheets

If you are looking for textured interior design materials and wall treatments that step out of the ordinary, you may want to consider concrete sheets. Aria Fluted Concrete Sheets are a fitting choice for urban or industrial chic designs, where the raw look of concrete, softened by the repeated curves of the fluted build, finds itself at home. Their rough texture creates a surprising and intriguing indoor surface and offers both visual and tactile appeal.

Interior design materials - fluted concrete sheet.

Aria Fluted Varese Concrete Sheet from Materials Inc. 

Fluted concrete sheet used as a wall treatment in a cafeteria.

Aria Fluted Idro Concrete Sheets from Materials Inc. 

Concrete and Rust High-Pressure Laminate Sheets

As an alternativce to concrete, the Aria Concrete and Rust HPL Sheets offer the same raw look and a durable choice for walls, furniture fronts, inner doors, worktops, counters etc. This laminate option is available in concrete and rust finishes, can be easily painted, and does not require special tools to be processed. It is easy to clean and ecologically safe to dispose of in regular waste.

Interior design materials - HPL sheets.

Aria Rust Ruvido HPL Sheets from Materials Inc. 

Use of rust HPL sheets in bar interior design.

Aria Rust Ruvido HPL Sheets from Materials Inc. 

Acrylic Translucent Panels

Transparency in interior design is highly valued for creating a sense of openness and spaciousness, while also promoting a feeling of lightness and modernity. The Luminous Acrylic Translucent Panels are a lightweight and durable alternative to glass that can be incorporated into walls, partitions, doors, furniture, shelving, or any surface where light penetration is desired. The honeycomb design is elegant and clean, with visually appealing geometry that can be enhanced by customizable satin and glossy colors.

Door made of translucent acrylic panel.

Close-up of honeycomb acrylic panel.

Luminous Honeycomb Acrylic Translucent Panels from Materials Inc. 

Moss Wall System

In the world of interior design materials, the unique appeal of moss walls come from their living nature. The Hydra Moss Wall System, for instance, is a 100% natural product made of sustainable lichens. Used in wall or even ceiling treatments, in small or large displays, it offers the eye the green color it craves and creates an unparalleled display of beauty. The Hydra Moss Wall System comes with a mesh back that makes installation easy and offers great noise absorption qualities. It does not require watering but needs instead a minimum of 40% humidity level.

Interior design materials - moss wall system.

Hydra Basilico Moss Wall System from Materials Inc. 

Use of moss system in ceiling design.

Hydra Moss Wall System from Materials Inc. 

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