One of the best part of designing commercial spaces is discovering new and exciting interior design products. Some of them use new manufacturing techniques, boast new shapes or offer new functionalities. Others are simply awesome for their aesthetics. Here are a few products whose looks (and functionality) stole our hearts in recent years.

Photo above: Aurora Copper Laminate Sheet from

1. Copper Finishes

Despite the cold texture of metal, some metal-sheet finishes can contribute greatly to making a space look inviting. Copper tones are especially pleasant to the eye and efficient in adding rich color to interior designs. These metal laminate sheets from Chemetal flaunt gorgeous deep tones, 3-D textures and even geometric designs that look spectacular in restaurants, hotels, retail and signage projects.

Aurora Copper Laminate Sheet from

Reptilian Copper Laminate Sheet from

2. Custom Colored / Graphic Tiles

We love a good colored or graphic set of tiles, and the superb designs they make possible. Artists Rebecca Bayer and David Gregory are behind the superb tile arrangement of the Maple Ridge Community Mosaic in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. They used triangular EarthenGLASS tiles made of recycled material and combined different solid colors into beautiful patterns. Great effects can also be obtained by using graphic tiles and stepping away from monochrome or tone-on-tone tile options. 

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3. Acoustic Panel Luminaires

Double-function design elements are always welcome in an interior that values efficacy. One of our favorite interior design products, the acoustic panel luminaires from Bartco Lighting do double duty as lighting fixtures and as additional sound absorption options. Available in both muted and bold tones, they help in dampening sound reflections and have the extra quality of looking sharp and modern. 

Hush HL2 direct/indirect luminaire from

4. Green Wall Moss

The advantages of green wall moss as wall treatment go far beyond its simple visual appeal. These Living Wall Moss Tiles from Mineral Tiles are lightweight and easy to install. Made from Reindeer moss that grows in boreal and arctic regions, they are flame-retardant, sound-absorbing and a great indicator of good air humidity. Even though preserved and not alive, they are simply gorgeous.

 Living Wall Moss Tile Green from Mineral Tiles

5. Ribbed Wall and Ceiling Panels

Ribbed panels are a simple way to add dimension to your walls and ceilings. These vinyl panels from Elegant Ceilings and Walls come in solid colors and mixed tones. They are waterproof, scratch and impact resistant, therefore perfect for commercial interiors that get plenty of traffic and use, such as restaurants or dessert shops. 

Eccoflex Paintable and Brushed Nickel Panels from

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