Interior design elements are the strongest influential aspect of any business after the exterior representation. Your interior will become your branding element if your services bring customers inside on regular bases. Did you ever think what feelings you would like to suggest to your customers as they enter your space?

Law office design by Mindful Design Consulting

Elements We Can Control:

Furniture! When selecting chairs, think of how long you would expect or would like your customers to sit in them. Would you want them to feel relaxed or do you want to complete a quick transaction as fast as possible? If you would like promote a sense of trust with your clients, meet with your clients at a round table sitting on the same chairs, not from behind your desk. Talking to someone from behind your desk sends messages of your power and authority over your clients and can make them feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you are trying to convince a decision maker to accept your terms, being behind your desk is the best position and will make him/her listen to you.

Relaxing Lobby Chairs

In certain situations, music may have a powerful effect on perceptions and behaviors. Thus, defining elements of music such as rhythm, volume or harmony are perceived differently, depending on the listener. Studies have shown that an accelerated tempo and a high volume increase the nervous excitement of an individual, which causes him/her to walk faster, talk precipitately, or eat faster at the restaurant. Without knowing it, individuals tend to adjust their rhythm to the rhythm of music. Retail stores use this technique to influence customers’ buying behavior.

We tend to underestimate the influence of smell on generating a certain type of emotional, psychological and behavioral reaction. Studies have shown that customers, in the presence of a perfumed environment, appreciate the store images as being positive, the store décor as being modern and the quality of services as superior.

Another major factor impacting any business space is color. Color can be stimulating, expressive, exuberant and symbolic. It is recommended to start your color selection with your brand dominant colors, so as to favor your brand recognition and communion. Starting from brand colors, serious chromatic combinations can be created in order to induce a certain state to customers. Remember, cooler colors tend to calm people down and brighter tones stimulate our senses.

Printed wall coverings by Alyos. Bright charis add elements of surprise.

These stimulating colors in combination with the large scale plants on the wall may make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. Printed wall coverings by Alyos.

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