Original Interview by Ekaterina Kohlwes with John Dufficy is HERE.

How many of you have a piece of furniture in your house that you absolutely love? And how many times have you tried to find something to match it or to even get close to its quality and were not able to?

Well, maybe it’s time to find a furniture designer and builder who can help you to get out of this frustration and create one of your own pieces.
I’ve heard a lot about John’s work from my friends but was not sure what to expect. After I finally saw John’s furniture I am still not able to describe fully the beauty and caring with which John creates his work. How can someone get inspired to create something this distinctive and stunning with wood? Each piece is very unique and has a story behind it. John’s studio is filled with tables with zebra-like legs, fairytale beds and curving picture frames.

Furniture by John Dufficy

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