Between dramatic wallpapers that make other wall decor obsolete and ceiling finishes that are worthy of admirations as pieces of art, the 2020 trends in commercial interior design are far from timid. A need for artistic expression has always been the domain of designers, and this year proves it again. After a few weeks of talking about what is new in different design areas, we put together a short summary of the most interesting trends we have seen emerging.

Photo above: Kriskadecor

Lighting Trends

This year, a renewed attention to detail makes light fixtures such as floral-shaped flush mounts or light pendants an attractive solution. It is a return to the beauty of soft curves and airy shapes that seems to suggest an accentuated need for daydreaming and escape.

Sometimes, designers prefer simpler fixtures, where the emphasis is on the beauty or texture of materials. Marble, nature-inspired materials or gold surfaces are only a few of the unique twists of the 2020 lighting trends.

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Wall Sconces from the Piedra lighting collection on L’Aviva Home

Ceiling Decor Trends

It is not uncommon to see ceilings turn into the focal points of today’s commercial interior designs. Trying to offer the best visual experiences, such designs go with unexpected materials or dramatic structures. Metal chains closing the space between a high ceiling and the furniture, diaphanous cloud-shaped LED fixtures that create a dreamy ambiance, ceilings completely covered with bamboo or rattan baskets – all are bound to make a place worth visiting and contemplating.

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Trends in Wall Finishes

Wallpaper has become again the darling of interior designers, especially when it comes in dramatic colors or oversize patterns. Today’s commercial designs are not willing to let walls fall into monotony and dullness. Textured or ombre painted walls, sculptural plaster details or terracotta tile (preferably rescued from an ancient French chateau) are all ways to bring a wall to life. For the brave ones, there is always a unique solution that can turn a wall into an object of both artistic and scientific interest, like cardboard or paper 3-D wall finishes.

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Botanical Greenery Pell-and-stick Wallpaper from Betapet on Etsy

Trends in Seating

Due to the significant portion of the budget that chairs require when designing a restaurant or dessert shop, beauty sometimes is overlooked for function. The 2020 trends in commercial interior design show that this doesn’t have to happen. Creative chair designs that use bright colors, simple yet elegant frames or appealing materials such as reclaimed wood can be found at affordable prices. There is a renewed appetite for sleek mid-century lines, but also for modular pieces that can be used to build customized seating structures.

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Restaurant Chairs Blue Metal

Modern-style bar stools with blue metal frame from

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