Most of us have become quite familiar with the Law of Attraction or “The Secret” (book and movie.) The theory of creating a “visualization board” which will bring all your wishes to life has become almost a well-known and accepted fact. It’s as simple as this: whatever you place in front of you every day will become your reality in the future. Can it also be true to what you see on your walls every day as your art? Some psychologists say: yes. I am not a psychologist, but I’ve decided to take down a painting from a wall that was done by an old friend of mine a few years ago. The technique of the painting is fantastic! But in the painting, I look about 20 years older, which is not something I want to attract!

Images Create Emotions

When I propose what to add as an accent on walls of your business or in your house, I try to be very selective in my recommendations. Images and paintings will trigger psychological reactions and send messages to your clients or to occupants of a house. These images will become a part of your everyday life and will create particular ongoing emotions. Try to add images to prompt feelings that you would want to create in your house or business in the future. Maybe it’s time to get rid of that old painting of a lonely old house or a photograph of an empty dark street from your bedroom and replace it with something a little more dreamy and optimistic that will determine your destiny!

"Destiny" by Daniel Merriam (Dimensions, HxW: 24"x36".)

"Destiny" by Daniel Merriam (Dimensions, HxW: 24"x36".)

Today I would like to share some images of one of my favorite American painters – Daniel Merriam. “Daniel Merriam’s paintings are dreams in full color. They beckon for the viewer to join a journey into the imagination, where the worlds of reality and fantasy collide in an explosion of color, shapes and symbolism. His unique style is the product of solid technical skills, an illustrator’s precision and a story teller’s sense of pace.” I could not agree more. From a designer’s perspective, every dreamer longing for a lavish life, fantastic travels, romantic love and much more will want to add Daniel’s art to his or her collection. Daniel Merriam’s art is constantly growing in price and becomes a smart investment for us savvy people.  Read more about Daniel’s Art HERE.

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