Unconventional table light made of plumbing pipes

There is no better way to prove that function is only limited by imagination than perusing the field of objects made of recycled materials. When they are used to create unique light fixtures, the visual appeal of such objects is doubled by the warming presence of light. Here are just a few ideas masterfully put in practice by ingenious designers or by handmade aficionados.

Photo above: Urban Industrial Craft on Etsy.com

Designed and sold by Materious, a Chicago-based product design studio, the Bone Lamp is inspired by the concept of bird bones – strong yet light, designed for efficiency, yet capturing the graceful movement of flying birds. Made of PVC pipe salvaged from construction sites, the lamp gives scrap materials a new life, lending them a surprising beauty. The soft, elongated cutouts create the most beautiful display of light, giving off the feeling of living matter.

Unique light fixtures made of PVC pipes and resembling bird bones

Photos via materious.com

The use of industrial materials in creating unique light fixtures is visually appealing because it is surprising. This hand-crafted Edison lamp uses steel plumbing pipes to create a fixture with a rustic effect. The effect is enhanced by the wood support that balances the cold presence of metal with the warmth of organic materials.

Table lamp made of plumbing pipes

Photo: Urban Industrial Craft on Etsy.com

Taken a step farther, the same concept leads to playful creations, such as this adorable “robot lamp.”

Unique table lamp made of plumbing pipes and resembling a robot

Photo via MacerHome.com

Another hand-crafted light fixture uses branches to nest the lights. This chandelier suits well rustic interiors and is a unique piece of decor with an unrepeatable design, due to the use of natural materials, 

Rustic chandelier made of branches

Photo: Wish Designs USA on Etsy

Finally, when great designers use unexpected materials in their work, the results are often breathtaking. Created by the resourceful lamp designer Ingo Maurer, “Porca Miseria!” captures the movement and energy of an explosion using the most prosaic materials – plates, mugs and silverware. The result is a dynamic statement piece that creates the feeling of frozen time, with objects caught in mid-air. Unified by a simple chromatic choice, the chandelier gives light a new kind of power: light becomes the mystery and energy behind the explosion, ready to reveal itself from underneath the sea of kitchen debris.

Unique light fixture made of broken dishes

Photo via architecturendesign.net

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