From all the recommendations on how to update your business space or your home, one of the most dramatic and quickest techniques would be to update your lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures actually are not as hard to replace as you may think and they can add a distinctive character to your space instantly.

Besides, most of the lighting that you’ve selected a while ago for your space may not be utilized as it originally was intended. Take a look around your space and ask yourself what is being highlighted right now and what is being left in the dark and hidden from your customers or visitors because of insufficient lighting.

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Lighting in Business Space

What Can Light Fixtures Bring to Your Space?

Your new light fixtures can become an accent in your office. They can tie all the colors together and light up a wall where you had an old and outdated painting. Even if you are undecided on your wall colors, a light fixture will make your space shine and feel cozy.

Replacing light fixtures over dining area tables in a restaurant can completely change the mood and atmosphere of a place. Keeping your restaurant interior fresh and updated is very important for your business’ success. Some of the most successful restaurants in the industry redecorate their interiors every three years to keep it inviting to their customers. Changing lighting would be one of the easiest ways to achieve this effect.

Lighting a restaurant

This elegant look of the restaurant was achieved by selecting white color, oversized shades over the tables. Imagine the same space without these fixtures!…

In large spaces and public areas it is important to keep our minds stimulated by providing some bright spots and accents. As it was proven by multiple studies, stimulating our brains on lunch breaks keeps us mentally alert at work. Selecting larger sized, bright lighting fixtures is an excellent solution here. They are both functional and attractive to look at.

Lighting in your business space

How to Select Lighting Fixtures for Your Space

I would definitely recommend to work with a designer on your space. Designers have an intuitive way of selecting lighting fixtures and coordinating design objects that look good together. Designers also have a large amount of exposure to various innovations in design and manufacturing. It’s what they do every day – review new designs and select what goes well together. It will save you a great amount of time and energy to let a professional handle your interior. But if you still feel like you can do a better job, ask yourself the following questions before selecting lights for your business space:

  • How much do I want to spend on the lighting fixtures?
  • What do I need to highlight in my space?
  • What style will complement my already existing interior and what color will go best with what I have?

These are the main questions that designers ask themselves before starting any re-design project.

Lighting in your business space

All the images in this post were showcasing the light fixtures of Axo Light USA – new Architecture line – Lightecture. You can find these and other fixtures HERE.


Christmas is almost here! One of the fun things that we all love doing is decorating our winter gardens! String lights are one of the most useful light for this task. It is fun and easy to create Christmas decorations with Solar String Lights!

Wrap your solar string lights around the baskets and hang them throughout your yard. No outlets or wires needed to connect to. The little solar panels can go inside of your baskets and be almost invisible!
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solar string lights

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