Neptune Place. Lights by Tazz Lighting

In the specialized field of lighting design and supply (including the design of lighting control systems), San Diego-based Tazz Lighting has an excellent reputation as a company that stays behind its products and for whom no project is too small. When we approached them for our Beauty Bakerie and JoJo’s Creamery projects, we were not the only ones impressed with the results. Their designs burst with passion and creativity, and their professionalism is top-notch. They not only provide the light fixtures, but also create designs that change the look of every space they tackle, and they project manage each project to success.

We recently interviewed Martin Epstein who, along with business partner David Shepherd, founded the company and turned it into one of the leading light distributors in Southern California. We touched on lighting projects, trends, energy efficiency and, yes, pandemic. Here are his thoughts.

Rinse Salon. Lights by Tazz Lighting

How does Tazz Lighting help designers or owners with remodeling projects?

We give them the best lighting advice for their particular project, since every project has a strong subjective element. Lighting can make or break a space and is where ambiance starts. The huge part that illumination plays in the aesthetics of a space cannot be overestimated. That is why our services start with personalized consultations and take into consideration what our clients want to achieve.

We do pre-construction budgeting, we meet with tradespeople such as designers and architects, we manage the entire lighting project, we provide engineer expertise, we offer lighting system controls with various interfaces that we program for our clients, and much more. We are not only a direct source of lighting products from the manufacturer, offering competitive prices and direct site delivery, but we are also extremely knowledgeable in our field of expertise.

What type of projects do you typically work on?

We work on both commercial projects and high-end residential spaces. We include landscape illumination design and lighting supply in our field of expertise.

Cucina Enoteca, Del Mar. Lights by Tazz Lighting

What are your most successful projects and why?

It’s impossible to choose, since all our projects are successful. Regardless of how big or small the project is, we treat our clients the same way, and we expect every project to be a success. It’s not always about the money, but rather about the satisfaction of seeing our customers happy, which is extremely rewarding.

If you want to get a sense of what success means in our eyes, take a look at our portfolio page. This will give you an idea on how we use lighting to turn a space into a wonderful place to work, relax or live in, and how we channel our creative energy.

Is there any trend in the style or type of lighting this year? What is your biggest seller?

Contemporary light fixtures, definitely. Our clients like their mixture of simple lines and unique shapes. This combination keeps a space fresh and clean-looking while making it interesting and different.

The Lot, La Jolla. Lights by Tazz Lighting

Can your ideas help business or homeowners save money on future electric bills?

Absolutely. In fact, energy efficiency is an important part of our services. A 50% or better reduction in our clients’ energy bills is common. Especially the new LED technology can help them cut their electric energy spending quickly. Lighting control systems are another important tool in keeping it under control.

When you realize that illumination is often responsible for half the electric bill of the typical company, this becomes significant. We create better illumination for our clients while maintaining the integrity of design, and that is where retrofitting comes into play. Reducing the carbon footprint of the spaces we are working on is one of our goals.

Crab Hut. Lights by Tazz Lighting

How do you think the construction industry will be affected by this pandemic?

Fortunately, the industry has not been affected much. Being an essential part of the economy, construction has kept going despite the pandemic, and we remained busy. This is a bright spot in the middle of a bad situation.

On a personal note, what keeps you sane during these months of pandemic?

I am a pretty focused person, so I concentrate on my daily tasks, and I love what I do. As with everything else in life, I prefer not to focus on the negative aspects, but to rather keep a positive outlook on what we do at Tazz Lighting. Most importantly, our amazing professional team is like a family to us. The fact that we are united and supportive to each other is why we were able to adapt so fast and immediately transition to working remotely.

Last but not least, my wonderful wife of 33 years and my two lovely daughters have been very supportive, as well as David, my business partner for 28 years in this industry, who made it all an exciting ride. 

Beauty Bakerie. Lights and  custom light fixtures by Tazz Lighting.  Interior design by Mindful Design Consulting.

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