A new lingerie store in San Diego is getting ready to open its doors in November, and we helped create the interior design that its owner dreamed of.  Located on 12925 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130, Rumeur Lingerie is part of the 40 commercial spaces that make The Collection at Del Mar Highlands Town Center, the new and impressive expansion of the 30-year-old mall. With a new wing and new second story, the mall will offer generous extra space for some vibrant and enjoyable commerce, and our new lingerie store interior design will add a beautiful and delicate touch to its landscape.  

The owner of Rumeur Lingerie has been long dreaming of an interior design (and products) better than that of Victoria’s Secret (a store that has lately been suffering from poor quality). Since we do enjoy a challenge and fresh design is what we do, we were the perfect match. We started with a few general ideas: a feminine space with a simple layout, but decadent details. We decided that we wanted an interior centered around the softness and richness of rose tones, where heavy textures and gentle light combine into an intimate interior.

Lingerie Store Interior Design Sketches Ideas

Above: An idea sketch to resolve a very high exposed ceiling challenge in the space by creating fake beams. By Mindful Design Consulting.

Store Restroom Design Ideas

Above: Material Board of a Restroom for the store. By Mindful Design Consulting.

Lingerie Store Interior Design Materials Board

Above: Material Board with ideas and inspirations for the store. By Mindful Design Consulting.

While we kept our attention on displaying the lingerie products in the best light, we turned the counter into the focal point of the store. We are all for a good show, so a curtain falling in heavy folds over an oversized black-and-white graphic brought in the dramatic element we needed. We loved this arrangement as a subtle visual suggestion of what lingerie is all about – a secret that may or may not be uncovered. It also amplifies that intimate character of the space, that we wanted warm and inviting, but also something to be discovered step by step.

Lingerie Store Interior Design by Mindful Design Consulting

We lined up the display shelves all the way to the counter, so that we created a double path for easy traffic. While the shelves are a simple combination of white and warm wood tones, they are wonderfully detailed. Terrazzo slabs in pastel colors top the central pieces, tying in with the design of the counter.

Lingerie Store Interior Design by Mindful Design Consulting

Terrazzo Pink Color

Venice alabaster large pink-chip venetian terrazzo.

It is easy to turn gaudy when using lots of pink in interior design, so we chose soft (yet not shy) tones, which we balanced with an equal amount of gray. To give the combination some sparkle, a third light beige color picked up the sparkle of the gold-toned details and gave life to this chromatic mix.

Lingerie Store Interior Design by Mindful Design Consulting

We wanted this space a mix of modern design and traditional details, and we achieved this by keeping the layout simple, and the details rich. The minimalist gold-tones hooks and the detail-rich gold mirror frames are a good example of this new-old combination that keeps the eye interested.

Unlike the sharp angles of the display furniture, many of the accent pieces we used are circular: the globe-shaped light fixtures, the furniture details, even the shape of the fitting cabins. Of course, this contributes to the feminine feel of the space, with the soft lines evoking the feminine shape and tender spirit.

Lingerie Store Interior Design by Mindful Design Consulting

We used track lights to control the mood of the space and keep the attention on the lingerie. We did not forget that lingerie pieces are not only commercial products, but also works of art. So we framed a few and turned them into wall decor. We love the visual effect of this choice and the fact that it urges customers to see lingerie with new eyes.  

Lingerie Store Interior Design by Mindful Design Consulting

The store’s logo was created by iNK design studio.

Here are a few more design details. 

Restroom interior elevations details

Above: Interior Elevations of the Restroom for the store, By Mindful Design Consulting.

Retail fixtures design

Above: Fixtures design drawings for the store, By Mindful Design Consulting.

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