Open-space bakery interior with clean design

For a bakery interior, Maisquepan took the road less traveled and came away with an interior that combines modern lines and traditional warmth. Taking advantage of the open spaces outside the store and the floor-length windows to highlight the activity within, NAN Architects have created an inviting exterior that frames the interior business.

Steel surfaces in bakery interior

Steel surfaces and concealed lighting present a clean, functional bakery. Wood accenting, floors and colorful ceramic tiles add to the welcoming atmosphere. Color was a careful consideration, with blue tiling and yellow furnishings providing complimentary tones.

Blue-and-gray tile as floor treatment

Intended to combine Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine, this bakery interior design had to account for customer rotation, employee movement and the projected average for sales, both in numbers and product itself. Open spaces allow for easy communication between staff.

Yellow chairs and wood wall treatment

By avoiding the traditional bakery interior, the interior designer gave the Maisquepan an original and intriguing look. The collection of displayed wines and the open bar counter viewed from the street entice pedestrians inside. Combining the business aspect and the customer service appeal with a clear view into work spaces opens the bakery’s interior.

Minimalist bakery interior design with steel and wood surfaces

Brand recognition is emphasized subtly by the lit signage with an eye-catching yellow acting as the initial draw to the eyes. A variation in seating location lets customers choose if they wish to focus on their work, their dining partner or the view provided by the street itself.

Bakery interior with window table and steel counters

Wooden shelves with rustic vibes

Display cases can be seen from the street, acting as further lure to potential customers. By using traditional elements, complimentary colors and industrial cleanliness, the interior designers have given the Maisquepan bakery a welcoming, modern feel with a striking look.

Bakery interior and branding visible from outside
Large windows framing the bakery interior

Designer: NAN Architects
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