Review By Ekaterina KohlwesMindful Design Consulting

In my last article about Target I was pointing out how the local Mission Valley Target store was completely overpowering Sears Essentials with creative branding techniques.

Today I found an interesting article about how Target manages its $35 billion brand. The article reveals the enormous number of marketing team members and external agencies helping the company to succeed.  What caught my attention, as a designer, was the show that was was put together by Target from the windows of a hotel in New York last year: Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular, images of which I wanted to share today.

Taget Fashion Show

Target Fashion Show

Target Brand

All photos are from Target’s video.

My question is, do you see such a large store like Target as a desired brand?  Yes, I do see the store itself being well  branded, but what about the products?  Would you proudly say you are wearing clothing sold by Target? And why not? Maybe because it’s  similar stuff that’s sold in any other store and made in China?  Maybe because the company itself is a giant that’s spread too far? What are some other reasons? Something to think about when branding your own company…