From examples around us, people tend to have variable psychological reactions to different materials.  For example, wood may create a cozy warm feeling; metal may make us feel cooler and more intense.  These sensations deeply effect our reaction to a particular space or a building.  Do not underestimate the materials used in your interior.

Restaurant Design

An old Feng Shui tradition teaches one of the main principles: balance between your materials. Depending on your interior, try creating a positive balance between the use of plastic based and natural materials, or slick, cold and warmer materials. This will provide a good visual balance in your space and make your visitors feel comfortable.

Concrete Interior

I know it’s been very popular lately to use only one material throughout your space, for example only concrete or only glass, but these trendy spaces end up being in style for a short period of time and are not user friendly in a long run.  But if you complement concrete with a nice warm wood for example, it creates a good balance and satisfaction to our senses.

Please let me know what you think on this subject.