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Mercury Glass Design Items – Commercial Interior Design News

Mercury glass items have a very distinctive character and can complement your interior not only during Christmas. The roughness and some reflective qualities of mercury glass add somewhat Mid-evil character to the items and when used strategically create a certain charm.

Mercury glass in interior design

Did you know that “Mercury Glass” was invented in the nineteenth century as a decorative substitute for more expensive silver tableware. Traditional Mercury Glass has a thin glass wall.

Mercury glass in interior design

More contemporary artists such as Suzan Etkin Enterprises creates hand blown silvered glass with thick walls and deposits a film of pure silver into the vessel interior.

Mercury glass used in interior design

Mercury glass items by Suzan Etkin Enterprises

“The thick curving wall gives the glass the appearance of liquid metal, transforming a 19th century technology into a 21st century material with unmatched light reflection and refraction properties.” Transmaterial.net notes.

Mercury glass used in interior design

Glass light fixtures can be filled with anti-shatter foam or resin, and Mercury glass elements can be reinforced with steel.

Mercury glass design in interior design

West Elm’s mercury glass lamp.

I see these adorable shiny items being used in restaurant design, bar design, coffee shop, design, jewelry store design, or even in hotels.

Mercury glass design in interior design

Asiate restaurant interior in New York – mercury glass light fixtures by Suzan Etkin Enterprises

Images used from: sherrisreadingjubilee.blogspot.com, westelm.com and transmaterial.net

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