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There is a subtle nostalgic feel in the design of Aesop’s second Milan signature store on the Corso Magenta, in the middle of a historic Milanese district. Aesop offers its customers skin, hair and body care products of the finest quality, but also a unique shopping experience, surrounded by undisputable beauty and a distinct atmosphere. It is no wonder that this Melbourne company, with stores in the largest cities of the world, takes such an interest in its interior designs. Aside from its commercial enterprises, Aesop supports the arts and, it seems, makes its own stores a venue for displaying artistic creativity.

Created by the Milan-based DIMORESTUDIO design firm, the store interior has a distinct architectural feel, evoking not only the look and vibe of its neighborhood, but making a clear reference to the butler pantries of the 1930s Italian villas. However, the look is taken into a contemporary realm, with clean, symmetric lines and materials that, strangely, emphasize the emotional connection with the past.

The products are displayed behind windows with rounded frames, an essential element in the design of the interior that points to the past. The pastel colors accentuate the delicate fabric of memories, but by no means lack dramatism. Highlighted by their contrast with the yellow corner shelving, the rows of teal cabinets lend their tones to the subway tiles that line the walls.

Graceful and sculptural, the arches of the ceiling amplify the sense of architectural beauty. Balancing the magnetism of the other elements, the simple grey linoleum floor allows them to fully shine. In the middle of this 35-square meter space, two modern velvet-upholstered chairs add their soft, warm pink tones to the delicate chromatic mix.

Light is cleverly used to induce the nostalgic feel of yearning for the past, with two large suspended disks that filter and soften the light through their motif-laden shades. The reminiscence of a celestial body is almost instant.

A demonstration sink, made of stainless steel, completes the design with another element inspired by traditional style. Essentially Italian, the interior on Aesop’s Milanese store offers a quick glimpse into the past and an emotional encounter with the shadows of the 1930s life.

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