Designer: Ciguë
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Minimalism in store design achieves an important objective – it places the focus on the marketed products and offers them the customers’ almost exclusive attention. The design of Aesop’s Covent Garden store by the France-based design firm Ciguë does just this. Keeping the interior simple, it turns the light towards the company’s cosmetics products.

However, minimalism does not mean giving up on decor. In fact, creating a powerful effect using less decorative elements is an enterprise that requires great talent. In Aesop’s case, the simplicity of the design combined with the clean chromatic scheme creates the vibe of an old apothecary.

The uniformly colored containers are placed in long, orderly rows on white, open fiberglass shelves that look as if they are part of the wall. Underneath the shelves, a long demonstration sink and a counter flaunting supple geometric lines retain the same crisp white of the walls and shelves.

Green, hexagonal cement tiles bring in the necessary chromatic contrast, tying in with the white decor by means of the white ray design. The somewhat busy floor provides a perfect balance for the uncomplicated lines of the store interior.

Visible piping and faucets with an old-time vibe add to the rustic look of the interior, while luxuriant greenery climbs an entire corner and reminds customers of the connection between nature and beauty.

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