Another entry to the 2021 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards caught our attention, this time a minimalist restaurant design in Hangzhou, China. Created by Damai Interior Design, Ashi Dorayaki submits to the young generation’s appreciation for the trendy industrial style, but softens the raw aspects of industrial interiors. 

The pairing of glass and concrete-gray walls and floors creates a simple background against which every other element of decor, regardless of its simplicity, is emphasized. All decorating touches are clean, discreet and minimal.

If restaurant entrances often create a sharp border between “inside” and “outside” spaces, the simple glass wall around this restaurant’s door connects customers and passers-by, making the outdoor space, views and actions part of the interior. 

Simpla oblique entrance into a minimalist Chinese restaurant

The oblique positioning of the door achieves more than just a unique look. First, it turns the entrance into a separate element of design, complete on its own, that replaces the typical door with an architectural statement. Second, it gives customers a sense of adventure by inviting them to pass through its improvised “tunnel” and see what lies beyond it. Third, its more guarded and discreet angle appeals to those who wish to hide away from the noise and movement of the city. 

Unique door into a Chinese store looks like a tunnel

Inside the restaurant, a highly reflective tile wall behind the counter achieves a deep contrast with the all-sorrounding conservative gray and gives a sense of luxury to the muted interior. The softly curved counter preserves a simple continuous line in perfect accord with the simplicity of the interior. 

Shiny tile behind counter in modern restaurant

The minimalist restaurant design concept is expressed in the extreme austerity of the decor. On one side, a self-serving area consists of a stainless-steel floating table that fills the entire length of the store.

Simple self-serving area in minimalist restaurant design

On the opposite side, a simple stainless-steel bench accommodates waiting customers or serves as a resting area for those who have already made their purchases. The same material is used for the simple standing tables spread at intervals across the floor. Their unique construction, as part of three-piece structures consisting of ceiling-high pole, table top and light fixture, has an organic feel, despite its strict geometry and lack of details. 

Minimalist restaurant interior with simple tables attached to ceiling-high poles

The metal poles emphasize the height of the ceiling and create small individual gathering areas. The contemporary light fixtures growing from these central stems have a slight traditional flair and create a pleasant light that greatly softens the rigid angles and cold tones of the store. 

Simple light fixtures on poles in contemporary Chinese restaurant

Restaurant design: Damai Interior Design
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