Blue and neutral boba tea cafe design

One of our most recent projects is a boba tea cafe design that we completed for Urban Bubble in San Diego, California. Urban Bubble is a new boba tea brand created in response to the popularity of the trendy Taiwanese beverage.

The cafe owners added an existing hotdog franchise to the store to turn it into an all-in-one destination for those who want to grab a bite with their cup of boba tea. Ssong’s Hotdog serves the popular South Korean version of hotdogs and corndogs, coated in fresh batter, deep-fried in front of the customer, and paired with a generous list of sauces and food items. Together with the bubble tea offer, they add up to a delicious immersion in Eastern treats.

We wanted to mirror the cafe’s trendy food and drinks with a cool interior design that appeals to those looking for new experiences and flavors. A combination of blue, purple and neutrals (such as black, white and wooden tones) lends energy to the space without exhausting the eye. Bright touches of yellow bring this combination to life. 

Colorful cartoon wall graphics in boba tea cafe interior

In order to create a welcoming interior, we adopted circular structures as the leitmotif of the design. One of the seating area is nested within two curved wooden structures that create an intimate space within. One of these dividers plays double duty supporting an upholstered bench on one side and a counter on the other. This configuration made possible the optimal use of the space, while giving the interior an interesting unconventional look. 

Boba tea cafe design with circular seating area and furniture

The material and tones of the wooden dividers is repeated in the round pedestal tables, the backs of the chairs, the wainscoting and the original built of a second seating area. A black metal ceiling structure balances the weight of the design on a vertical plane and creates an interesting geometric landscape pinpointed by circular LED light pendants. This allows a reiteration of the circular motif for a unified design.

Purple upholstered benches in bubble tea cafe

The simplicity of the booth structure overlooking the window makes it all the more interesting. Its rectangular construction reintroduces a sense of order in a space where all the curved lines may otherwise become visually confusing. The layering of the wood’s rough texture and sharp angles with the softness of accent pillows is as appealing as it is uncomplicated.

Seating area with wood dividers in boba tea shop

The wall treatments keep the eye traveling from one area to another in a constant discovery of new details. Behind the counter, white hexagonal tiles with black and purple grout keep the space light, clean and crisp without entirely abandoning color. A dark blue wallpaper with the Urban Bubble logo covers another wall, providing visual weight. A huge wall graphic with cartoon characters brings a playful vibe into the mix, while neon signs offer customers the opportunity to take pictures and share this location with the world. 

Curvy bench and counter in bubblea tea store

Finally, faux trees soften the overall look, warm up the space and bring extra texture into the store. Attempting to turn every corner into a point of visual interest, this boba tea cafe design is intended to do justice to the appetizing Urban Bubble food and beverage offer. 

Material and furniture board for bubble tea shop interior

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