Black textured floral wall paper

Walls, floors and ceilings are the background against which you build your entire commercial space. Dressing them up in quality materials is a must if you want to project professionalism and class. We found a few unique commercial interior finishes that can make your interior look different and fresh, while bringing in some extra function.

If you are planning to build or update your business this year, add them to your list. 

Photo above: 3D Black Metalic Dark Leaf Flower Wallpaper from BRKProjects via Etsy

Wall panels are a favorite of ours. They come in countless shapes and have an unconventional look. When they also help with noise reduction, the choice becomes even easier for businesses such as offices, restaurants or spas. 

The lightweight AuralScapes composite wall panels from Modular Arts are ideal for building structures of sculptural beauty and come with sound-absorption qualities. You may use them to hide an unsightly wall, create a divider or change the landscape of an interior space, while controlling the way the sound travels through the room.

Wall finished with wavy acoustic panels

AuralScapes Sound Absorption Wall Panels from Modular Arts

While wall tiles are nothing new, the possibilities they offer are limitless. This porcelain stoneware mosaic celebrates the beauty of limestone but gives it a contemporary twist. The look is fresh and visually intriguing, yet subtlety is not sacrificed. 

Hexagonal tile pattern on wall

Boost Stone Mosaic by Atlas Concorde via

Sheets of Rombini Triangle Red porcelain stoneware take the appearance of ceramic surfaces and bring in their warm textured look. This unique wall-cladding material can turn your two-dimensional walls into 3D geometric displays of color, lights and shades. 

Earth-colored wall cladding as finishing material

Rombini Triangle Red Porcelain Stoneware 3D Wall Cladding by Mutina via

For an absolutely spectacular sight, look no further than Marazzi’s porcelain stoneware products. The Sodalite Blu Marble Look slabs fill the space with deep tones of blue and gray and organic marble patterns. While used on a grand scale, they are dramatic and intense. However, their visual impact is great even when used for backsplashes, tables, countertops or custom-made furniture. 

Stunning blue marble wall used as a wall finish

Sodalite Blu Marble Look from Marazzi

If you cannot decide what material, texture or color you prefer and are overwhelmed by all the commercial interior finishes out there, there is a simple solution. Pintark’s handmade and custom-made Cuboid Surface brings together several components and materials into shapes and patterns that ask for attention.

Commercial interior finishes with multi-material surface

Cuboid Surface by Pintark via Maison&Objet

Let’s not forget the humble wallpaper. Far from being humble at all, this removable 3D black metallic wallpaper boasting a rich flower-inspired pattern reminds us of the potential visual power of this simple material. It gives texture to the wall’s two-dimensional surface and has a quite dramatic presence. 

Black swirl metallic wallpaper that is one of the trendiest commercial interior finishes

3D Black Metalic Dark Leaf Flower Wallpaper from BRKProjects via Etsy

For a different look with modern vibes, consider these indoor and outdoor polycarbonate panels. Resistant to UV, fading and impact, the panels are lightweight for easy installation and help control the light. Ideal as swimming-pool covers, but excellent for simpler projects such as patio roofs, they add color to your space without sacrificing light.

Multicolored polycarbonate panels as one of the newest commercial interior finishes

Polycarbonate Panels from Plataforma Arquitectura

No list of commercial interior finishes would be complete without the versatile concrete. Used in both indoor and outdoor projects, the hand-crafted Trestles concrete blocks have a mid-century vibe given by their decorative geometric openings. Stack them up to create dividers, statement walls or to simply add an unexpected element to your design. 

Concrete blocks with geometric cutouts used as an outdoor finish material

Trestles Concrete Blocks via

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