Modular soft seating as a new furniture trend in 2023

One of the best things in interior design is following the evolution of trends. As one of the areas where creativity and ingenuity have a lot of room to play, furniture design gives us an excellent measure of the mood in the interior design world. So where is 2023 going to take us, what new furniture trends are gonna feed our appetite for fresh things, and what does it all say about us?

Photo above: Snowking Acoustic Sofa by a+b design – Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro for Caimi.
Photo via

We put together a list of our favorite pieces illustrating some trends we’ll likely see more of in the next years. Some of these do not necessarily represent new trends, but ideas that continue to gain more ground in both residential and commercial spaces, or new takes on older concepts.

Acrylic iridescent furniture

Apart from their unique looks, acrylic furniture pieces come with many other advantages, especially when used in small commercial spaces. They are lightweight, but also visually light, and are easy to move and maintain. They fit well geometric designs that gives them an intriguing futuristic vibe. Their transparency benefits restaurants that strive to make most of their space and do not have much light.

Transparent acrylic coffee tables in solid colors

Longo Coffee Table by Latitude Run on Wayfair

However, acrylic furniture can contribute to a colorful interior, or even add to its dynamic feel with its ever-changing iridescent designs. Commercial spaces that are looking for a modern look with minimal upkeep and lots of character, can use acrylic tables as a way to create a smart hip vibe.

Acrylic end table with minimalist design

Althera End Table by Brayden Studio on Wayfair

The best place for acrylic furniture is in natural light, which brings it to life and allows its colors to come through. 

Long glass table with multicolored reflections

Iridescent Multicolored Acrylic Coffee Table by Mystique Craft Studio on Etsy


Tables with simple designs continue to have a winning appeal in 2023. Whether it is because our increased desire for simplicity in complicated times, the fascination of minimalism or their mere visual charm, pedestal tables find plenty of ways to look modern or contemporary. Geometric designs with a solid base and features have a strong presence without taking too much of the visual space.

Pedestal dining table with simple elegant design

Dysis Pedestal Dining Table by Wade Logan on Wayfair.

Mini tables

The same fascination with geometry and the beauty of simple shapes can be found in the design of  mini tables. The lack of embellishments keeps the space light and airy, and is far from the heavy look of traditional pieces.

Minimalist mini tables with geometric design

MINI CLAY Coffee Table by Marc Krusin for Desalto. Photo via


However, details are not banished from the furniture trends of 2023. When balanced by light materials such as acrylic, they benefit from the same beauty, versatility, ease of maintenance and contemporary looks as their unadorned counterparts.

Dainty transparent chair for commercial spaces

Bella Wedding Chair from Serenity Made

Soft seating

The world of modular chairs and sofas is a fascinating one to watch and has a strong presence in the new furniture trends of 2023. When mixed with sound-absorbing qualities, soft seating becomes a game changer, especially in commercial spaces.

A great example is the Snowking acoustic sofa, whose elegant elongated silhouette adds to its sound-blocking qualities, given by its sound-absorbing fabric cover. The modular design allows for beautiful configurations, both straight and circular, or even shapes that gracefully hug the corners of the room. 

Modular furniture in a commercial space

Snowking Acoustic Sofa by a+b design – Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro for Caimi.
Photo via

Another modular system, the NAPWORK sofa uses the same acoustic fabric fiber cover. This makes it the ideal furniture piece for offices, where noise reduction is valued, and where it makes for a colorful display and a fresh-looking place of relaxation. Its light look keeps the room uncrowded – an important quality for an environment where any unnecessary visual detail can feel heavy and become a distraction.

Minimalist soft seating trends and acoustic sofas in offices

NAPWORK Acoustic Sofa by Paola Navone and Caimi. Photo via

Part of the same family of acoustic furniture, the Snowpouf helps in noise reduction while offering an atypical look. Its circular drum shape is casual and playful, while the lace at the base of the seat allows you to easily move it arround. This is an excellent attribute in offices, where improvising new seating configurations helps with working in teams.

Acoustic poufs as part of the new furniture trends in office spaces

Snowpouf by Paola Navone and Caimi. Photo via

Privacy screens

Privacy screens don’t have to be bulky, unsightly or just functional. In fact, they can become works of art, even when borrowing from the uncomplicated look of basic geometric shapes. This Alphabet Privacy Screen, for instance, offers enough sense of privacy without blocking the view and dividing the room. Its circular shape balances the severity of the typical office, while the colorful design reinvigorates the eye.

New furniture trends including round steel privacy screens

Alphabet Privacy Screen by Studio Pastina and Punto Design. Photo via


The same concept was used in the creation of the Pioppino umbrella, a new take on the traditional outdoor umbrella and a perfect illustration of the innovative new furniture trends of 2023. It retains the traditional round shape, but the surface is perfectly flat, with a cutout design that allows you to enjoy the sunlight but not suffer from it. A round table can be attached to the base of the umbrella, making it a convenient piece of furniture for outdoor terrace cafes.

The steel construction makes the wind irrelevant, while the streamlined and modern construction brings a sense of pleasant uniformity to an outdoor space.

Steel outdoor umbrellas as part of the new furniture trends that reinvent classic pieces

Pioppino Round Steel Umbrella by Punto Design. Photo via

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