Olala Crepes kiosk front view

Crepes Kiosk Interior Design: Mindful Design Consulting, LLC
Branding Design: Mindful Design Consulting, LLC
Photos by Olala Crepes, graphics by Mindful Design Consulting

We have recently added a new branding and interior design project to our (already hefty) portfolio. This time, it is the Olala Crepes kiosk in the heart of San Diego Liberty Public Market. A cool concept – and an even cooler place to hang out – the Liberty Public Market is a massive food hall that leaves no tastes unsatisfied. With an inviting dining deck and a large outdoor space, this market offers both ample food choices and opportunities to relax.

San Diego Liberty Public Market

Photo: Lyudmila Zotova

Located within the market, Olala Crepes kiosk aligns itself with the feel of the place, but adds to it its own character. We designed the kiosk in the creative spirit of the crafty hipster style, with modern touches meant to keep the lines clean and the space airy.

Olala Crepes kiosk with front counter in wood tonesDeciding on a neutral chromatic scheme, we introduced contrasting elements through darker finishes and an interesting mix of materials. The wooden front side of the counter and the deep chocolate-colored background define the look of the shop.

In terms of function, the long counters allow the process of cooking crepes to come in full view, while a divider wall keeps the less spectacular side of the business away from the customers’ eyes. An extra counter placed against this wall offers more working space – and more chances for us to use new tones of brown.

Crepes kiosk design with a gray, gold and brown chromatic palette

The different shades of the porcelain tile that looks like distressed wood at the base of the counter, with weathered touches that give the mix a certain kind of nobility, echo and tie in the colors of the kiosk: the brown tones of the kitchen enclosure, the lateral wall, the menu board. The row of pendants with an industrial look retain the calculated simplicity of the overall design while adding a bit of extra character.

View of the logo from the side of the front counter

The choice of dark brown as the main color is related to the way customers tend to interpret it. Brown is an earthy color that evokes nature, coziness and warmth. It is friendly and non-intimidating, yet, when used in darker tones, it has a sophistication and majesty of its own. We wanted the Olala Crepes customers to feel comfortable and reassured, but also to be able to enjoy the richness of the color.

We kept the same simple hipster style with dark and gold colors in the design of the Olala Crepes logo, which is fun, approachable and playful.

Olala Crepes logo

The Olala Crepes business and loyalty cards have the same clean, yet playful look. From the design of these small marketing tools to that of the kiosk itself, our purpose was to define the brand and create an inviting and highly functional space.

Brown-and-gold loyalty cards

You can visit Olala Crepes at the San Diego Liberty Public Market, at 2820 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106.

Employees preparing crepes in full view

To-go box with appetizing treat

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