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Pet Store Interior Redesign by Mindful Design Consulting

We have always believed that the interior design is an important part of a restaurant or store’s brand image. With this in mind, we recently recreated the interior of a pet store bought by a new owner who was ready to give it a second life. Completed with a grooming spa for dogs, the Paws and Claws pet store located on 3436 Dimond Ave. in Oakland, California, is an excellent example of how to approach the complex task of designing a brand.

Following our own advice, we created everything around a central brand idea, from the logo and loyalty cards to the interior, wall graphics and outdoor signage. This continuity of design helps create a clear brand and an image that is more memorable for the customers.

Before our redesign, the store was in a sad state. Old cracked floors, painted brick walls, dark colors and an exposed ceiling with harsh neon lights created a tired background for the old shelving that gave off an uncomfortable feeling of clutter.

Everything needed a revamp, so we started to work focusing on the brand colors (black, orange and gold) and the materials most suitable for a pet store. Because the length of the space was perfect for shelving, we partially kept the layout of the store area, while rethinking the finishes.

We chose epoxy flooring in shades of grays and brown because of its durability and excellent resistance to wear and tear. Since such floors are easy to clean, they were just the right option for a pet store, with its spotted pattern making the inevitable paw traces less conspicuous.

While we tried to incorporate the brand colors into the wall design, we thought materials with a natural look would be just the right touch for a pet store whose “customers” are known to enjoy the outdoors. Of course, we had to resort to their artificial version, such as the faux grass used as a wall accent just across the entrance. Behind the counter and along a few sections of the walls, horizontal slatwall panels in a calming beach color bring in the look of wood and help define different functional areas.

The same wood element is found in the horizontal panels of the shelves and even in the look of the ceramic tile chosen as a wall treatment for the grooming area.

Of course, we opted for using water-resistant materials for the dog grooming spa, from the fiberglass-reinforced plastic (also smell-resistant) on the walls of the washing area to the white ceramic tile that covers the rest of the walls.

Above all, we wanted to make this pet store interior redesign a fun one, with plenty of different textures and patterns, far from the tired “before” look. Horizontal stripes, round wall accents that offer a few soft lines next to all the angles in the store, and oversized graphics designed with a good dose of sense of humor – all these come together into a playful and colorful space, where both the store’s customers and their pets have plenty to look at.

To “open up” the ceiling, we painted it white, which takes it from the oppressive “before” look to being fresh and light. We added plenty of light pendants for good illumination and ceiling fans to help air circulation. The yellow pendants above the counter have modern lines, tying in with the modern look of the chairs placed by the wall and the sunny shade of the counter.

We kept this combination of neutrals and vibrant shades when we designed the store front, with its striped canopy that attracts the eye, oversized logo above the door, and the brand colors consistently making an appearance.

Continuing the same theme, we designed the store’s logo, as well as the business and loyalty cards as part of the branding process. The fonts and brand colors create a consistent look, remind the customer of the store interior, and make these marketing tools another element that Paws and Claws can use in order to establish itself as a brand.

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