Kung Fu Tea Franchise Temecula

Bubble tea restaurant design: Mindful Design Consulting
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Another Kung Fu Tea store will soon open its doors in California – this time in Temecula – as one more proof of the brand’s evergrowing success. We are happy to have been the ones behind its design and to add yet another one to our Kung Fu Tea interior creations. Having the same owners as the bubble tea store on Carmel Mountain Road in San Diego, this new Kung Fu Tea location has provided us with the opportunity to foster a business relationship that has already proved successful.

While the design reiterates the visual themes of the brand, such as the black-and-red color scheme and the relaxing presence of wood accents, we created, however, a store with a unique look, even though within the limits of a recognizable brand. 


Kung Fu Tea Franchise Temecula

The store came with a few challenges, not the smallest of which was the narrow space that forced us to be creative when designing the seating area. Our solution was taking full advantage of the entire length of the store, using a minimalist approach to furniture, keeping the wall colors light in the tightest areas so that the space does not become opressive, and visually opening the space with large stylized wall graphics of New York City landscapes by day and night. A repeat of a few graphic elements from other Kung Fu Store Tea designs, such as the colorful clouds floating above the city, contributes to the recognizable image of the brand. 

The use of a long bench against the wall and the positioning of the tables and chairs close to the wall in order to open up the traffic area helped even more in keeping the space airy and uncrowded.

Kung Fu Tea Franchise Temecula

The nod to New York City, the birthplace of the Kung Fu Tea brand, is paired by an oversized, neon-style rebranded logo dragon with LED lights that fills a large part of the wall behind the seating area. The light-dark wall color alternation appears crisp, fresh and modern, while the wall graphics provide an excellent background for taking pictures. The framed posters bring an extra splash of color to the light-colored wall.

Red and black interior for boba cafe

The wood beams of the open ceiling tie in with the generous amount of wood accents throughout the store. The presence of bamboo-like panels gives the space an almost spa vibe, but is also a subtle way of acknowledging the Asian origins of bubble tea. 

Large front windows allow for plenty of natural light, supplemented, however, by  light fixtures of a very simple yet effective look. While the exposed bulbs by the door contribute to keeping the space uncrowded, white spherical light shades placed above the seating area balance out the rectangular elements of the interior. Red pendants above the counter emphasize the curved shape of the soffit and provide some of the colorful elements associated with the Kung Fu Tea brand. 

Kung Fu Tea Franchise Temecula

The counter and serving area is a beautiful focal point, a space bathed in light and enhanced by slightly reflective white wall tile and white counter. The inviting curved, enveloping lines are echoed by the shape of the soffit above. Even its wooden slats are mirrored by the ceiling structure, which creates a very pleasing, balanced visual combination. 

Elevation of Kung Fu Tea store

With this new bubble tea restaurant design, we created a colorful, yet fresh and relaxing interior that appeals to both a hip generation of bubble tea consumers and tea lovers of all ages. 

Elevation of tea cafe interior

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