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Mindful DesignerAugust 2011      

Hello Everybody!

Half of our lives we spend inside of our business spaces. It is pointless to even argue that any business environment should be a pleasant place to be in. No wonder elevating our mood has become a new trend on the market of commercial interior design... But how can it be achieved through design? Read on to learn more!

In our Green News corner, learn some symptoms of poor indoor air quality. And please don't forget to vote HERE on what frustrates you in your interior right now. You maybe surprised with the answers of others.

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5 Ways to Bring Happiness to Your Business Interior

Take a look at all the new trendy offices of large companies such as Facebook, Skype, Google or Twitter. These companies focus on integrating happiness not only into their interiors but also into the philosophy of their companies. So what can we add to our business interiors to bring out such a desired feeling of happiness? What would make the difference without spending a huge amount of money today? Here are some suggestions...

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1. Bring Nature Inside

We all know the benefits plants can add to our environment. They clean our air and make us feel relaxed. Did you know that they also help people to recover from mental fatigue? We are not meant to be inside of buildings for 8 hours a day and having interior plants will break that barrier between us and the outside world, at least on a small scale.

2. Add Happy Colors

Fresh bright colors will change your office or any other space into a new exciting surrounding! You do not have to go only with yellow tones to bring out our happiness, even though yellow has been known to do just so. Pick your favorite color and try finding alternatives using a new App on your phone. It’s easy and fun!

Photo Credit of Lego Office.

3. Adjust Your Lighting

Your current lighting may not be adjusted or even designed for the tasks you are doing right now. Look around. Can you see well under your lights? What would make you see better? I can’t tell you enough about the importance of having an adequate day lighting in your space for your health benefits. But you can't always get sunlight in your business space. Try getting your artificial light as close to a day light as possible.

4. Change Background Sounds

Whatever business space you spend your time in, whether it's an office or a restaurant, sound plays a large role in your mood changes. Choose wisely what you are listening to all day long. Continuous moderate sounds may irritate us without us realizing it. Maybe adding white noise would be the best choice for you. Read my article on sound selection for various businesses HERE.

5. Change Your Chair

One of the quickest and most dramatic improvements in your work space would be replacing your old furniture you are using on every day bases. Read HERE on how to choose your new chair.

And please let me know if you’ve used any of these suggestions in your business. Also, learn How to Shape Up Your Business Space in a few simple steps.


There are many symptoms of poor indoor air quality, from temporary, minor irritations to serious, life-threatening illnesses. They are generally grouped into three classifications: sick building syndrome, building-related illnesses, and multiple chemical sensitivities. Problems with asbestos, lead, and radon are serious, long-term problems and are not grouped within these categories. Today I would like to talk about Sick Building Syndrome.

Sick Building Syndrome. (SBS) - is a condition in which occupants experience several health related problems that can not be linked to any particular cause. Generally the symptoms disappear after the occupants leave the building. (irritation of eyes, nose, and throat; dry nose and skin; redness of skin; mental fatigue and headache; respiratory infection and cough; hoarseness of voice and wheezing; hypersensitivity reactions and even nausea or dizziness.) I personally encountered some of these symptoms entering Sears stores around San Diego, which probably inspired me to write a little article about their interior design. If you experience any of the above symptoms you need to read more on this subject and I would recommend testing the air in your work space.

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