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Mindful DesignerSeptember 2011      

Hello Everybody!

Why would you want to hire a professional interior designer instead of decorating your store or your business yourself in your own style? Today I will give you some examples of what a professional designer can do for you. Everything we create around ourselves will affect us and your customers one way or another. Below are a few eye-opening news about Suggestive Selling. Keep reading!

In our Green News corner, take a look at one of my favorite restaurants in London - The Folly. I am offering my review of the place with some juicy images.

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Last week an article by a famous branding specialist Martin Lindstrom caught my eye. Martin Lindstrom is a trusted advisor for top executives in numerous Fortune 100 companies including McDonald’s Corporation, PepsiCo, American Express, Procter & Gamble and many others. The article went into details of how big retailers suggest us to buy certain products, or train us to go to a certain store to buy food. Suggestive selling is being used all around us by large brand retail businesses such as Target, Whole Foods and even Pinkberry. Now is the time you should start learning about suggestive selling!

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Think About This

How often do you think you are being suggested to buy certain products or to go to a certain store to buy your food? Do you think Whole Foods for example has a more organic food than Sprouts or Ralph’s? Or do you think Target has a better quality product than Sears? You would be surprised that the difference is simply being presented to you by marketers through design. Each of these companies came up with their own selling proposition and created a suggestive selling environment inside of their stores. The good news is that now you could also represent your own business in a way that yoru ideal client would get attracted to. And your interior designer can help you figure out the ways specific to your business.

Your Message

In his article Martin takes us on a tour of Whole Foods: “As you descend the escalator you enter the realm of a freshly cut flowers. These are what advertisers call "symbolics" — unconscious suggestions. In this case, letting us know that what's before us is bursting with freshness.” Flowers are the most perishable objects on earth which is why in our minds they associate with freshness. Placing them at the front of a store will automatically give you the impression of the quality of food. Imagine the same store having plastic flowers or cans of Spam right in front! Different impression!

Selling Food

For years supermarkets have been sprinkling vegetables with mists of water and it looks very attractive. Did you know that this trend started in Denmark and does nothing good to the vegetables? Apparently, another symbolic is in place, those sprinkled drops give us a perception of freshness and purity as well. But sad enough that same mist of water makes the vegetables rot more quickly than they would otherwise? It’s really all about perception versus reality in retail stores.


Another famous retail researcher Paco Underhill, shares his findings: "retail shopping studies have found that most people turn right when they enter a store. That's because the majority of the population is right-handed and right-oriented." This is why some stores highlight new and more expensive items to the right of the entrance. You may also notice that the music is louder and the displays are brighter to attract you where you will look and turn first.

Space Planning

In almost all larger retails stores, the clearance racks are placed in the back on purpose — so you'll be tempted by everything else more expensive in your path. “You have to pass all the new trends and displays, all the sales and promotions. Retailers are betting that your hands may be full by the time you reach that clearance area, so you will not be able to stay there and search for the better deals,” says Underhill.

Next time designing your retail store or your new restaurant, ask your designer about a suggestive selling strategy for your particular business. Suggestive selling will raise your sales significantly, if you know how to implement it correctly.


As everyone’s awareness of a better “Green” living arises, the commercial interior design takes on a different trend – “back to nature” movement. Take a look at the perfect example of the implemented sustainable way of thinking into this charming design of a new restaurant in London called “The Folly.”

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