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Mindful DesignerDecember 2012      

Happy Holidays everybody!

The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of year, and it's not only because we surround ourselves with cheerful decorations. It's also when I look back at what was done during this past year, and start dreaming about what I want to happen next year. I am very happy to announce that Mindful Design Consulting has been very productive in the year 2012. As usual, today we share our before and after photos of selected projects.

In our Green News corner, we share the color of the year 2013 which was selected by Pantone Institute. It's a good prediction for all of us who want to be in line with the latest trends.

Happy Holidays everyone and let's make 2013 a year in which unimaginable possibilities enter our lives!

Truly yours, EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer



The year 2012 was the 5th business year of Mindful Design Consulting. I wish I could express to you how far we have traveled in our journey from where we started to where we are now. The internet has become our largest marketing field as it connects us to our ideal clients on an on-going basis. We get to work with amazing business owners who share their new and refreshing ideas, and we are so happy to be a part of their business development process. I want to thank all of you for being with us through this incredible year!

Today I would like to give special thanks to my chiropractor, Dr. Paul Trentalange who helped me with my sciatica problem, which had become chronic and I had thought was incurable. (As you know I have to sit many hours each a day to create all the fun designs you see here). Happy Holidays Dr. Paul!

Daniel Merriam's New Gallery in Sausalito

This 3-story mixed-use building for the world renowned artist Daniel Merriam was an exciting opportunity for us to work next to a talented artist and to follow his vision of a “Bubble Street”. Daniel Merriam’s Gallery has been opened officially since September 2012, even though the occupants moved in much earlier and continued to decorate this dreamy gallery, all in Merriam style.

Above is a photo of the new building facade of Daniel Merriam's Gallery which is located on 565 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA. Below is the brick facade of the building before it was redesigned and remodeled.

Daniel’s sculptures almost lead you on an exploration of the whimsical world of the artist. Other talented artists display their work at the gallery. Daniel always tries to find and showcase local talented artists’ work. All the art through the store, even the pottery, matches the “bubble” theme.

See more pictures of Daniel Merriam's gallery HERE.

CC Swirls Takes Over Canada!

CC Swirls has finally opened its locations to the yogurt lovers of Canada.

Above is the initial design rendering of CC Swirls’ dining room, by Mindful Design Consulting.

Decorative panels in the shape of bubbles by WallArt look fantastic as a backdrop for the bright colors of other interior elements. Possini Opal Glass Pendant Chandelier perfectly complements this clean, classy interior brand.

Above are photos of CC Swirls’ finished store.

It's hard to believe that only a few months ago this was one of the first locations of CC Swirls (photo above). See more photos of CC Swirls HERE.

Yogopolis - the Healthiest Greek Yogurt

Michele (the owner of this new brand store in OH) came to us with a piece of a striped fabric, which represented the colors she liked, and a simple colored name for the logo, which she had put together in MWord. It was fun and exciting to work with Michele on her vision of the first Yogopolis store.

Above is a 3D rendering of the proposed design by Mindful Design Consulting for Yogopolis Yogurt Shop. Below are the finished store photos.

The main specialty of Yogopolis is Greek Yogurt. Naturally a Greek scheme was employed throughout the interior and for the branding of this yogurt shop. At the same time we wanted to keep the bright and fun colors that a yogurt shop should have. Let us know what you think about Yogopolis HERE.

All branding, interior design and graphics were designed by Mindful Design Consulting.

This was an existing space in which Yogopolis took up residency a few months ago. The space was previously occupied by a coffee shop. We were able to reuse a few built-in shelves and some parts of the existing counter for the new yogurt shop.

To learn more about Yogopolis Yogurt Store read HERE, or check out their website HERE.

Super Swirls are Full of Swirls

This yogurt shop is also located in Ontario, Canada. The idea was to create a bright, colorful atmosphere for yogurt lovers. One of the biggest challenges was the narrow space configuration that we had to work with.

In the end it worked out really well. We are looking forward to the first Super Swirls' store opening!

Above are computer generated renderings of the design proposal for Super Swirls Yogurt Shop, by Mindful Design Consulting.

Above is a photo of the space where Super Swirls will be built. As you can see the space is very narrow, which made it a challenging place to plan a yogurt shop in.

Sausalito Hotel

This year we were also fortunate to work on a Valhalla, Sausalito Hotel redesign with a local Sausalito architect. We were involved in producing the presentation drawings for the local design review board. We are hoping to see this hotel rebuilt in the near future. It would definitely become a landmark of Sausalito.

Above you see a proposed look for the new hotel in Sausalito, reusing the existing structure which you can see in the picture below.

Are you thinking about making architectural changes in your business? Contact us HERE!


Pantone Institute has announced EMERALD to be the 2013 color of the year! They put it simply this way: "Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." Expect to see emerald being used more in fashion, furniture upholstery and new interiors. Learn more about Pantone Institute and about the colors of previous years HERE. Or read our ideas on how to use the color emerald in your interior HERE.

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