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Mindful DesignerFebruary 2012      

Hello Everybody!

Are you ready to see what's hot this year in commercial interior design? Some of the trends will not surprise you, you see them all around. Looking at these trends below, think about your business branding and the way you are presenting yourself to the public.

In our Green News corner, you can see how beautiful your recycled glass can become.

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2012 is a Chinese year of the Black Dragon which brings new energy and action into our interiors. So what can you use to achieve positive movement in your interior? See what industry leaders are doing this year.

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1. Rebranding

Rebranding has become a big interior design trend for 2012! You will see old established brands infusing their interiors with more energy and fun. Take a look at how McDonald’s rebranded itself in France last year. The fast food restaurant interiors were redesigned to be more “family oriented.” Read more...

A new children’s eating area, children’s menu, a climbing wall, and technology features like iPads and other interactive games are expected to be in new locations of McDonald's in Europe.

2. Going Green

"Going green” is a catchy phrase as well as a continuous trend in most retail and business remodels. Here are a few pointers of what “going green” for commercial interior design means. To put it simply: Renew, Reuse, and Recycle. Most important is, going green will save any business money as well as improve health of people occupying the space. Read more...

This flooring was taken from a client’s house and placed into an office conference room on another project. To see it, go to AI Center in Kearny Mesa San Diego, CA.

3. Design Based on Neuroscience

If you have never heard about Suggestive Selling, you probably don’t know how big brand companies have been using the latest Neuroscience research to improve their marketing and selling techniques. You will see soon that the use of Neuroscience research is going to become a #1 trend in designing any interior within the next year. Already there are more designers paying attention to the human natural cognitive responses to the surrounding environment. This awareness will touch smaller retailers and other business owners as well. Read more...

This seductively lighted Abercrombie & Fitch store is attempting to lure in older shoppers.

4. Merging With Technology

Technology can be negative for some businesses (the ability to check prices online while shopping at a store) or it can be helpful. Either you are ready or not, IPad menus, interactive displays, QR codes, and other innovative technological advancements are coming your way. You can already get a discount at some stores or cafes just because you are “checked-in” on FourSquare or you can buy a product by scanning a QR code on an ad. Read more...

P & G Virtual Drugstores recently opened in Prague and are a great way to buy on the go. One simply has to use their mobile phone to scan the code, and the groceries will be delivered to their home.

5. Finishes, Colors and Materials

When selecting light fixtures, try going a bit outside your comfort zone this year. This industrial looking light fixture by Seyhan Özdemir & Sefer Çaglar (called double octopus) would fit perfectly in most contemporary spaces. Take a look at other finishes and materials which will be a big hit this year HERE.


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This tile is beautiful and is 100% recycled glass! It can be used in any interior, commercial or residential space to spice up the look. Learn more about this unique product HERE.

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