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Mindful DesignerMay 2012      

Hello Everybody!

Today's newsletter is all about lighting. Lighting is one of the most important design elements of interior design for our businesses as well as our homes. Bad lighting can give us headaches, strain our eyes and make us feel fatigued. Good lighting can improve our mood, inspire us or simply complement our cozy interior. If you need help with selecting appropriate lighting for your space, you can always e-mail us or simply fill out this form to start the conversation.

In our Green News corner, take a look how the artist Jerry Kott transforms recycled bottles into beautiful light fixtures.

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Creative Light Fixtures by LZF from Spain

LZF lamps started as a small company making creative lights practically in their garage. The company was founded at the end of 1994 and ever since it has grown to a well-known brand. All lights are handmade exclusively out of wood veneer right from the start. The unusual material for lamps creates spectacular lighting effects! The lights can be hung outdoors and are perfect for large parties in your yard. Read more HERE.

Whimsical Lights by David Trubridge from New Zealand

David Trubridge, the designer of these whimsical light fixtures, is one of the most progressive furniture and lighting designers of our time. David’s work is produced using only natural materials in order to reduce the effect on the environment. His light fixtures are also made in his homeland of New Zealand, as oppose to being mass produced in China. Simplicity and sophistication are two words that describe David Trubridge’s lighting designs. It’s the shapes of the grassy plants or fluffy clouds that come to life in his work. All the different lines and shapes of nature gave David the inspiration for creating these beautiful fixtures. Read more HERE.

Traditional Egyptian Lighting from Zenza

These gorgeous and elegant light fixtures were inspired by traditional Egyptian designs. Zenza has introduced this traditional lamp collection to designers and decorators all around the world. Zenza light fixtures bring amazing craftsmanship and exotic charm of Arabic decor into modern interior design. These handmade Egyptian wonders seem to have souls. They will make any commercial or residential interior glow with beauty and serenity. Read more HERE.

Futuristic Lighting System Bolla from Italy

This futuristic lighting system called Bolla was designed by an Italian company called Incontroardito. The company started by specializing in production of ceramics. After achieving international success with their products, Incontroardito branched into selling other products such as stone tiles. Dominico De Palo transformed the company by creating something very unique and exciting. Bolla system can be integrated within a pallet of materials applied to a wall surface: glass, Corian, marble or any other stone. It can be applied on interior as well as on exterior surfaces. The colors of the lights can change with a remote control or on their own. Read more HERE.

Unique Crystal Chandeliers from Seattle

We are so used to seeing some of the most amazing handmade glass fixtures being made in Italy or somewhere overseas, that this is a pleasant surprise! These charming crystal chandeliers are handmade in Seattle, Washington by a talented international glass artist Robert Kaindl. Appropriate for any type of commercial, residential, traditional or for a slick contemporary interior, Robert Kaindl’s chandeliers appear to be floating suspended from a tall ceiling by only a single cable. Read more HERE.

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Jerry Kott, who designed these incredible lights, describes himself as a “maker” who stretches his imagination beyond the limited boundaries of usual art or craftsmanship. These lighting fixtures are hand crafted from recycled bottles and are part of RE Series which is based on the philosophy of “rebuild, redefine, relive, reinvent and recycle.” Read more HERE.

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