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Nightclub Design – First LEED certified Club in the US – Commercial Interior News


Greenhouse Nightclub is the first LEED certified nightclub in the US.  For those who don’t know what LEED is… Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. (The club was designed by Bluarch, all the photos are by Bluearch.)

Nightclub Interior Design

All the couches are made from recyclable material and the mysterious illumination is all LED lighting.

Nightclub Interior Design

The restroom rooms are equipped with toilets that flush efficiently and waterless urinals. The table service comes with fresh juices and offers 360 Vodka in reusable bottle.

Nightclub Design

The eco-theme also continues in the interior design of this nightclub.  Here we have walls made of sustainable bamboo and covered in real leaves, moss, and green circles.

Nightclub Design

Multiple glass beads hung from the ceiling representing raindrops of maybe a rainforest?

Nightclub Interior Design

What fascinates me the most are the tables with life plants inside.  Are these really sustainable? What does it take to keep them alive?

Nightclub Design

“Given its relatively small space the club promotes some skin-to-skin action, and the music will satisfy those with a penchant for the expected mix of Top 40, house, and hip-hop. ” Clubplanet.com

The club was designed by Bluarch, all the photos are by Bluearch.

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