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We have recently completed the WestPac Wealth Partners office design for the company’s new San Diego location. This was a major project, consisting of multiple conference rooms, office and executive office, cubicle areas, theatre, break room, lobby and restrooms. While we brought all these areas together under the unifying note of modern design and through a few connecting accents, we gave each room and space a different look and character, in order to keep it fresh and stimulating. 

The waiting area is a calm, relaxing space, where we spiced up the neutrals with zero-maintenance Benetti Moss wall panels, and where we enhanced the look of the front desk and adjacent wall with geometric patterns. Recessed lights illuminate the room, softened by clusters of light pendants that bring in a familiar feel. Modern minimalist chairs break with the look of the typical waiting area and make optimal use of the space. The brass trim on the floor prevents slipping, elevates its look and ties in with the table and lighting accents. The look is clean and sleek, meant to inspire trust.

In the theatre room, we used blue accents to match the corporate color of the company. The result is a perfect combination of stimulating and calming tones, ideal for engaging and pleasant conversation. A backsplash of blue decorative wall tile with a subtle geometric pattern sits behind a generous gray quart countertop and a sitting area that offers couches, chairs and stools as seating options. On the opposite wall, painted laminate stripes provide a colorful and conveniently dark background for the screen. 

While bell-shaped pendants provide illumination above the counter, the conversation area makes use of the remarkable HUSH acoustic panel luminaires from Bartco Lighting. Optimal light distribution, minimal glare and a sound-trapping structure is packaged in a deep blue acoustic baffle finish. The Blue Glass Broome Street carpet from Interface provides subtle patterns that create a pleasant glittering effect.

We carried a few of these elements into one of the conference rooms. Here, the striped blue panels appear as the unifying element of design. The Benetti Moss wall treatment, made of 100% stabilized lichen, relaxes the eye and brings a piece of nature into the space. 

In the second conference room, the design gravitates around neutrals. Above the table, we added chrome-finished LED chandeliers with a modern sculptural look. 

A floral chandelier hangs over the table in the third conference room. Here, we introduced orange as an accent color, which helps making the space energizing and visually stimulating. 

We divided the executive office design into a few distinct functional areas. Aside from the main desk, we created a more informal conversation nook provided with lounge furniture that can double as a place to relax. Beyond this nook, an office credenza in the same mahogany color offers additional storage space. 

Executive office design with mahogany desk and a relaxing conversation nook

An additional office design keeps the same elements (neutrals revived by occasional splashes of color),  yet combines them into a different look. 

We stepped away from the sterile look of the typical cubicle and chose a circular version with an opaque base and a top window. This allows employees to feel part of the team, rather than isolated. The soft curves make this area appear more inviting and turn it into a place where employees enjoy spending their time. The same dry moss panels reappear here, as a calming and reassuring accent piece.

Circular cubicles soften office design and create inviting space

The break room offers generous storage options and a large table lined up with enveloping mustard-colored counter stools. The same blue decorative wall tile and quartz countertop used in the theatre room make a reappearance here. Orange dome pendants provide a complementary balance to the blue accents. A striped tile pattern ties in the floor with the other design elements and makes the room pop. 

Finally, all the elements used in the restroom design are meant to create a clean look. The floor and wall tile, the backlit mirrors and the contrasting laminate decorative panels adopt angular lines that enhance this feel. Recessed lighting provides plenty of illumination without being harsh.

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