Blue details of offoce glass walls

Details make the design, but when it comes to office spaces, they are even more important. Design details may make the difference between an energized team of employees and one whose mental focus is lost in a nondescript and impersonal office interior. Here are a few examples where an inspiring office design benefits both employer and employees.

Understanding the importance of the interior space in motivating and inspiring employees, Comcast extended its Silicon Valley Innovation Center to an adjacent building and created a work space fitting to the innovative development activity that takes place here. Located in the Moffett Towers in Sunnyvale and designed by San Francisco-based Blitz Architecture + Interiors, the new offices follow the trend that acknowledges the role of open-office spaces and collaborative areas in the communication process.

Open office design that eases employee collaboration

The new Comcast offices offer a variety of work areas suitable for different work style, tasks and even moods. It offers everything from conference rooms and semi-private lounges to a work café with a cozy vibe and couches or armchairs strategically placed to break the monotony of working desks and invite to movement and collaboration. But it is the way details are used in achieving this purpose that defines the whole space.

Counter-height table and chairs in conference room with cool vibeWhile the office retains a neutral and formal (even though modern) chromatic scheme, splashes of color paired with unexpected patterns give the space character, while achieving the functional role or defining functional areas. For instance, geometric patterns in lively colors are applied to the glass dividers around the lounge areas, with the added benefit of creating a sense of privacy without completely cutting these places off from the rest of the office.

Semi-private lounges as part of an inspiring office design

In another corner of the office, a wooden structure gives a small, informal meeting area a sense of familiarity and a cozy feel.

Unique wooden structures separates office areas

Wall treatments are also used to change (sometimes drastically) the atmosphere and mood of a room. In the glass-separated work and meeting areas, the walls evoke the texture of layered concrete and lend the space a rather nostalgic look.

Meeting rooms with layered concrete walls

The work café design details, with its open shelving and whimsical backsplash, is another area where residential details keep the space warm and appealing.
Inspiring office design includes laid-back working cafe

Finally, simple textural details and the addition of bright-colored furniture is enough to take this space from a neutral to an inspiring office design.

Bright red wall and unique wall decor in office

Designer: Blitz Architecture + Interiors
All photos by Jasper Sanidad via

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