Bright orange office interior

An inspiring office interior does not necessarily have to be backed up by a high budget. In fact, the best displays of creativity often come from budget limitations. The Genband office in Petah Tikva, Israel, is a great example of a low-budget office design done right.

Low-budget office design with minimalist furniture

Genband is a communication company whose office was designed by Tel Aviv-based Ilana Moskovitz Design Studio to accommodate 80 high-tech workers. While the team of workers needed a large open space to make communication and collaborative work easier, there was also a need for private or semi-private spaces like meeting rooms for large or small groups.

Meeting room with orange chairs in modern office interior
Adding to the reality of the low budget, the fact that this was an environment designed for creative, dynamic personalities led to the idea of using the energy of color as the main decorative detail. There were no half measures in this decorative enterprise. Meeting rooms were painted in vibrant hues from top to bottom, ceiling included. The floor and even the furniture were part of the same rich color treatment approach.

Vibrant orange paint color in low-budget office design

To distinguish between the rooms, large numbers were used on the glass walls and doors of the meeting rooms, with the additional benefit of giving these areas the impression of semi-private spaces.

Large numbers on glass doors as effective decor for low-budget office interior

The same idea of accentuating the otherwise simple and modern space was applied to other areas, whether in the shape of a single large solid-colored piece of furniture or bold wall graphics. This is an example of low-budget office design that proves the power of details, how they can change an interior, and how they can capture the culture of a group.

Oversized letter wall decor for cheap office design

Designer: Ilana Moskovitz Design Studio
All photos: Dude Moskovitz via

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