Icecream in cups and cones

Every year, we delight in following the evolution of desserts, and the creativity of those who come up with new ways of satisfying their customers’ sweet tooth. So here we are again, one year later, scanning the dessert market with great interest (and ravenous appetite)! Old and new dessert trends come together into a glorious landscape of sweetness, with both nostalgic items and new creations meant to shock or entertain. 

Let us feast our eyes on a few samples of what you can find out there.

A new take on an old recipe is always the first step in the creative process. The same goes with desserts. The Crumbs Blueberry Muffin Pops take the beloved recipe and puts it on top of a cake pop stick. And since these are just reinvented blueberry muffins, you can enjoy them for breakfast!

Muffin pops, a new twist on a traditional breakfast dessert

Blueberry Muffin Pops from Crumbs

And why pretend that sprinkles are not the best part of a cookie? The fudgy Double Chocolate Confetti cookie from Crumbs is both filled and covered in these little wonders. Turning the decorative accents into the main star of the dessert is one smart way to come up with new and intriguing creations.

Sprinkle-filled cookies as a new dessert trend

Double Chocolate Confetti Cookies from Crumbs

While it does not necessary qualify as a dessert, we did not have the heart to pass by this beauty when making a stop at the Crumbs dessert store. The Crumbs savory scone with sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and basil can make us forget that we ever needed a sugar fix.

Savory scone

Savory Scone from Crumbs

Bubble tea has been on a strong rising trajectory for years now, and continues to score high on the “cool” scale. It allows for endless variations and flavors, which makes it the best creative project for those stores who want to offer their customers something new or unique.

Urban Bubble, California, for instance, comes with delicious combinations such as jasmine green tea infused with fruits and served with organic basil seeds; or with a macha bubble drink lined with their signature cheese cream. 

New bubble tea combinations and trends

Urban Bubble Bubble Teas

The store also offers a series of yogurt drinks, with Greek yogurt, fresh milk and fruits as the main ingredients. 

Yogurt drinks as a new dessert trend

Urban Bubble Yogurt Drinks

When it comes to bubble tea, however, presentation is huge. The ingredients should be visible and the colors catchy. What else is there to add? How about serving the drinks in huge illuminating lightbulb-shaped cups?

New trends in bubble tea presentation

From Square Bar Cafe

The same store that came up with this awesome idea seems to have a penchant for bold dessert creations. The macaron sandwiches are the adventurous cousins of the humble ice-cream sandwiches. They are part of the new dessert trends that generously combine different elements into daring mega creations.

Huge macaron sandwiches

From Square Bar Cafe

A product that has almost become an ubiquitous presence in the dessert world since its rising to prominence in the 1970s, frozen yogurt is coming back and conquering hearts again.

Frozen yogurt cup

Frozen Yogurt from Sprinkles on Top

However, frozen yogurt stores have started to offer other menu items like waffles, crepes and shakes. This appeals to traditional tastes, makes the stores a likely breakfast destination, and appeals to those that are looking for a cold but satisfying beverage to enjoy at ease. 

Waffle filled with frozen yogurt and fruits, a combination of old and new dessert trends

The addition of these comfort foods to their menu appeals to a larger portion of the population and brings more customers to their door.

Crepes presented on a dessert plate

The appetite for bold desserts that go for the shock factor is still very much alive. While not necessarily part of the new dessert trends, monster shakes are, however, a very persistent one. Multiple desserts and toppings on top of a satisfying beverage, all presented in a unique cup, glass or jar, make for an appetizing creation and an eye-catching display of sweetness. 

Monster shake as a lasting dessert trend

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