One-way vision graphics have been used as vehicle wraps for years.  We see it all around us on buses or cars. Using the same graphic film on buildings is becoming something very trendy in resent years.

Perforated Vynal Graphics

On this image you can see one-way vision window graphic film.  Left side is the view from the inside and on the right is what the film looks like from the outside.

The one-way vision window graphic is a cost effective way to provide a contemporary look in addition to creating signage and becoming an advertising opportunity for any size business. Marketing professionals have long recognized the value of window graphics and the way it can so effectively catch the eye.

Perforated Vynal Graphics

What a unique way to create a fun facade for a building! On this project, the vinyl graphic was placed on the glass windows as well as on the metal canopy and panels of the building.

Following are some benefits of perforated-vinyl-graphics I can think of:

One-Way Vision Film

  1. Perforated-vinyl is more affordable than ordering a large size window sign.
  2. You can see out from the inside and you still get sun light coming through the small openings in the film.
  3. You can apply it yourself following simple instructions from your printing or signage company.
  4. You can replace it with ease to freshen up the seasonal look of your business.
  5. You can get really creative with the design on your windows selecting images representing what you do.
  6. Vinyl graphic film can be used on a floor!

Can you think of more reasons to use it in your business?  Consult us about what images you can apply for your type of business.

Vision Graphics

Chapter Arts Cente, Cardiff, Morgan Signs

Perforated Vinyl Graphics on the Interior

Perforated Vinyl Graphics on the Interior

Floor graphics are also a perfect way to optimize your selling potential and create an eye catching promotion or to make customers aware of your presence at a mall for example.

Vinyl Graphics Floor

Floor vinyl graphics are extremely safe and durable with their slip resistant coating over the digital print.   They are water resistant and will not fade with the laminate coat underneath, you are able to clean the floor with certain floor cleaning agents and it will not damage the print or effect the slip resistant coating.