Office Design Signage

I’d like to share an office design of one of the largest shoe retailer’s online – Zappos. If you are not familiar, Zappos carries close to one hundred thousand million trillion different brands of shoes, which you can buy from their on-line store.

Office Design Lounge Room

The headquarter of Zappos was conveniently transferred to Henderson, Nevada for obvious tax cutting reasons.  Zappos office fits around 700 employees in two different buildings.

Office Design Cubicles

Office Design

The design of the workstations and cubicles was completely handed to the employees encouraging their creativity.  This formed some interesting spaces which look almost unreal when you think of a corporate environment! A bed in a middle of an office or dragons on the ceiling…

Office Design Lounge Room

The core philosophy of Zappos is all about happiness and making customers and employees sutisfied.  So providing this freedom of shaping the surrounding the company creates a certain culture within its company.  Can it be a happy culture?  I guess we would know the answer only working for Zappos.

Office Design Corridor

Office Design Lunch Room

Office Design Play Room

Office Design Reception

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