Minimalistic Coffee Kiosk Design

Located in a cozy Parisian courtyard on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Honor café bears the clean and ingenious design touch of Studio Dessuant Bone. It is a place where coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of their favorite beverage, while witnessing the process of making it. A stellar example of adapting to a specific environment, this charming Parisian coffee shop design combines the beauty of modern simplicity with the elegance due to its beautiful location.

Minimalistic kitchen in Parisian coffee shopThe designers were asked to create a kiosk that would improve on the courtyard space, yet keep its character intact, without contradicting its architectural and historical identity. Second, the café was to offer its patrons an experience different than the one of a regular coffee shop. Following on these two requirements, Studio Dessuant Bone chose a minimalistic approach, a limited chromatic palette and an open design.


Black-and-white coffee kiosk in Parisian historic courtyard

The result is an inviting kiosk with removable glass facades that give it an open look and feel. These glass panels are designed to create just the right structure in different weather conditions. However, the open design that patrons can enjoy in good weather makes great use of the restricted space and allows them to take their coffee outside.

Removable facades in minimalistic kiosk designBuilt by the Epi Studio carpenters from Paris, the kiosk is divided into three areas: one in which the coffee is prepared and served; an adjacent one, provided with tables and chairs, from where the customers can follow the process of making the coffee; and a front one, with high chairs placed in front of the counter, designed for those whose stay at the café is meant to be shorter.

Seating area and entrance to coffee shopThe chromatic choices are simple, centered on the classic yet powerful contrast between black and white. Built by Le Nouvel Atelier in Toulouse, the furniture moves between clean and unadorned rectangular chairs and circular-top tables. Even the materials are kept to a necessary minimum, with painted wood counters sides and metal tops. Making use of elementary colors, shapes and materials, yet engaging them in a balancing act of contrasts, the designers created a harmonious space, and an appealing Parisian coffee shop design whose source of elegance is its own simplicity.

Contrasting white square benches and black round tables inside store

Designer: Studio Dessuant Bone
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