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AnalogFolk, a digital marketing agency in London, extended its headquarter offices with the AnalogFolk Bridge, a unique workspace created by a Design House Liberty team led by Dara Huang. The new space recaptures the spirit of the main office that makes extended use of reclaimed materials, from barn doors to recycled bottles.

The new office extension impresses with the clever use of traditional materials. These materials take unexpected shapes and receive surprising roles, as in the case of the unassuming particle board. While the geometric shape of the desks in the reception area is not necessarily unpredictable in a modern office space, allowing the particle boards to take on an aesthetic role is.

The same particle boards line the walls or are used in the construction of benches. Others, cut in angular shapes and lined up between desks, give the space a certain architectural dimension as well as continuity.

Other unexpected elements invite a second look and give this space character. There is a certain dose of subtle humor in the sack-like cushions that line up the bench, an element that is definitely not found in the typical office design. Stretched in a zigzag line, a rope becomes an ingenious piece of wall decor, in perfect balance with the brick wall behind.

Yet the design is balanced and softened by the smart use of glass and light. A frosted glass partition displays an oversized logo in the back of the office, while light fixtures with an industrial vibe add to the collection of simple ones consisting only of wire, pipes and light.

Daring in its one-of-a-kind design, the AnalogFolk new office extension is a display of ingenuity and creativity, a perfect way to symbolize the values of the company.

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