We believe that the built environment greatly affects human emotions, behavior, and overall well-being. It is our responsibility to work together with our clients on creating environments that enhance human experience.  To make people happier and healthier we use our combined expertise on how built environment affects human brain as well as our knowledge on eco-friendly building materials and methods. If we spend half of our lives in our businesses and offices, why not make them healthy and fun spaces to be in?

built environment affects human emotions

Your Company’s Built Environment and Branding

Does your physical built environment support your company’s brand values? Remember, your business interior design plays a vital role in your brand recognition! If your company is planning a strategic brand management, consult us about making your business space as a part of your brand recognition. We will work with you on creating your business interior design with distinctive features highlighting the brand for your particular business and style.  Our Design Process goes through following Stages:

  • Finding a message that the design will or should bring to the public.
  • Looking closely at the site’s economic and cultural aspects.
  • Determining the businesses’ interaction, meaning and function with the area of the city around it.
  • Use of simple natural elements such as gravity, scale, order, texture, materials, light, color that make people react in a certain way to achieve desired psychological response.
  • Bringing personality to each project, using life experience and cultural backgrounds of the client and of the design team.
  • Use of modern technology to create environmentally friendly and comfortable architecture and interior.

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